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The Daily Bible Study Library is a complete copy of all published Bible studies on the online Daily Bible Study web site - every study ever written from September 1998 to the present. The Library download is now updated each month. The latest update has all studies up to May 25 2014.

The Daily Bible Study Library works and appears the same as the online version, however the contents are entirely in the download - no Internet connection to the Daily Bible Study website is required. It is yours to keep, all on your own computer.

The Daily Bible Study Library is a single, standard Windows .zip format (it works on all versions of Windows from Windows 2000/ME to Windows 8) of approximately 144 megabytes (approximately 196 megabytes uncompressed). Downloading is simple and easy. Go to Download Instructions to receive your copy of the Daily Bible Study Library.

The Daily Bible Study Library download is now freely provided to everyone who wishes to receive a copy. Those who wish to make a donation to help make this work possible are welcome to do so at How To Make A Donation

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Contents of the Download Edition

Daily Bible Study
Collector's Edition

The Holy Scriptures

Over 5,745 daily Bible studies by Wayne Blank, from September 1 1998 to the present. Includes thousands of full-color photographs, Bible maps and illustrations - everything that's on the online Daily Bible Study website.

2 Classic Bibles


The King James Version and The American Standard version

The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire


All 6 volumes of Edward Gibbon's 1776 masterpiece documentation of the origin and history of the Roman Empire, the Roman Catholic Church and Europe from the time of Jesus Christ to 1600.

The Complete Works of Josephus


The complete works of the Roman-Jewish historian Josephus who lived in the time of Jesus Christ. "The Jewish War" (written about 70 AD) and "Antiquities of The Jews" (written about 94 AD).

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