Ingredients Of Organic Cat Litter

Organic cat litter can be made from many kinds of natural materials.

The first step is to determine what is easily (and preferable, freely) available to you in your area.

The easiest of all is to look to what outdoor cats use in your area and use some of that - if it is fresh and uncontaminated, and if you have the right to obtain some of it. When it has been used, it can then, if permissible, simply be put back and continue its recycling by nature.

Other commonly-available organic cat litter ingredients:

Shredded newspaper (most newspapers now use organic, non-toxic inks)

Wood shavings, particularly mildly aromatic softwoods such as cedar, spruce and pine

Leaves (of non-toxic tree and plants)

Grass clippings

Sand (a traditional favorite)

Peat moss

Straw (shredded)

Hay (shredded)

Baking soda (added your choice for additional odor control)