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Son of Thunder

James, the English version of the Hebrew name Jacob, was the son of Zebedee and Salome, and an older brother of John (the apostle who wrote the book of Revelation). He was one of the earliest disciples chosen by Jesus Christ, and was also selected as one of The Twelve Apostles.

Sea of Galilee James was a Fisherman, along with his brother John, in The Sea Of Galilee (seen in the photograph at right). As such, he very possibly lived in Capernaum.

James is considered to have been in the "inner circle" of apostles, having been present each time, with only John and Peter, at The Transfiguration (Matthew 17:1), the raising of Jairus's daughter (Mark 5:37-43), and in the garden of Gethsemane The Fateful Night (Mark 14:33).

Jesus called James and John, Boanerges, which meant "sons of thunder" (Mark 3:17) - probably a reference to their bold and zealous personality - illustrated by a later incident in which they wanted to "call down fire from heaven" to destroy the people of a Samaritan village who had refused to allow Jesus and His apostles to pass through on their way to Jerusalem (Luke 9:51-56).

James was the first martyr among the twelve apostles, having been "put to death with the sword" (Acts 12:2) by King Herod Agrippa I about 44 A.D. (see The Herods)

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