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What's In A Name?

Names of people in The Bible often have very interesting meanings from the original languages. A few examples -

Scroll Aaron: mountain of strength, illuminator (see Aaron)
Abel: acquired (see Cain and Abel)
Abraham: father of a multitude (see Abraham, Man Of Faith)
Adam: man (see The Creation Of Adam And Eve)
Cain: brought forth; acquired (see Cain and Abel)
David: beloved (see David And Goliath)
Elijah: whose God is The Lord (see Elijah)
Elisha: God his salvation (see Elisha)
Elizabeth: God is my oath (see Elizabeth)
Esther: a star (see Esther)
Eve: mother (see The Creation Of Adam And Eve)
Gideon: feller or hewer (see Gideon)
Hezekiah: whom The Lord has strengthened (see Hezekiah's Tunnel)
Isaac: laughter (see Isaac)
Ishmael: God hears (see Ishmael)
Jacob: one who follows on another's heels; supplanter (see Children of Jacob)
Jethro: his excellence (see Jethro)
John: The Lord has been gracious (see John The Baptist and The Apostle John)
Joseph: may God add (see Joseph and Coat Of Many Colors)
Judah: praise (see The Chosen People)
Leah: weary (see Leah)
Luke: beloved (see Luke)
Mary: from Hebrew Miriam, meaning God's gift (see Mary and Mary of Magdala and Miriam)
Moses: draw out (see Moses)
Noah: comfort (see The Flood)
Paul: little (see On The Road To Damascus)
Peter: rock (see Peter)
Rebekah: a noose (see Rebekah)
Samuel: heard of God (see Samuel)
Sarah: princess (see Sarah)
Solomon: peaceful (see Solomon)
Stephen: crown (see Stephen)

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Acts 4:10-12
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