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Many people's names from Bible History are very familiar to most of us, however they would probably not be familiar, in the way that they are pronounced in English (or any of the many other languages that the Bible has been translated) to the people of the Scriptures that they represent. For example, the sound of Israel as it is spoken in English is quite different than the Yis-raw-ale of the original Hebrew. A few more examples of the English/Hebrew pronunciation difference:

Aaron: ah-har-own (see Aaron)

Abel: heh-bel (see Cain and Abel)

Abraham: ab-raw-hawm (see Abraham)

Adam: aw-dawm (see The Creation Of Adam And Eve)

Cain: kah-yin (see Cain and Abel)

Daniel: daw-nee-yale (see Daniel)

David: daw-veed (see King David)

Elijah: ale-ee-yah (see Elijah)

Isaac: yitz-hawk (see Isaac)

Ishmael: yish-mah-ale (see Ishmael)

Jacob: yah-ak-obe (see Children of Jacob)

Joseph: yoe-safe (see Coat Of Many Colors)

Joshua: yeh-ho-shoo-ah (see Joshua)

Judah: yeh-hoo-daw (see Judah)

Moses: moe-sheh (see Moses)

Noah: noe-awkh (see The Flood)

Samson: shim-shone (see Samson And Delilah)

Samuel: shem-oo-ale (see Samuel)

Solomon: shel-ow-mo (see Solomon)

Abigail: ab-ee-gah-yil (see Abigail)

Deborah: deb-oh-raw (see Deborah)

Delilah: del-ee-law (see Samson And Delilah)

Dinah: dee-nah (see Dinah)

Esther: es-tare (see Esther)

Eve: eev (see Eve)

Hagar: haw-gawr (see Hagar)

Hannah: khan-naw (see Hannah)

Jezebel: ee-zeh-bel (see Jezebel)

Leah: lay-aw (see Leah)

Miriam: meer-yawm (see Miriam)

Naomi: no-om-ee (see Ruth)

Rachel: raw-khale (see Rachel)

Rahab: raw-khawb (see Rahab)

Rebekah: rib-kaw (see Rebekah)

Ruth: rooth (see Ruth)

Sarah: saw-rah (see Sarah)

Sarai: saw-raw-ee (see Sarah)

Zipporah: tsip-po-raw (see Zipporah)

Fact Finder: What was the Hebrew name of Jesus Christ that meant "God with us"?
Isaiah 7:14
Immanuel: im-maw-noo-ale

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