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If Your Window Is A Mirror

The "world" is a very big place; even the largest nations represent only a small fraction of humanity (e.g. a country with a national population of 250 million people represents only about 1/24th of the population of the earth). Ironically however, with modern technology, the world is also becoming a much smaller place, thanks to things like airliners and the Internet. While it's very important to know what's going on in one's own country, it's also very important to know what's going on in the world as a whole, because sooner or later what happens "over there" is going to affect everyone "over here" - regardless of where "here" or "there" is. If your "window on the world" is mostly a mirror, that is, if you concentrate solely on looking inward, not only is it going to give you a narrow and shallow view of "the world," it's not going to let you see what may be coming at you from "out there," and why. This is particularly important in the study of Prophecy in our time now.

Truly World News

Earth Most of the major news agencies in the world have their own "world" or "international" segments that are useful and informative. However, although they will rarely admit it (if they are able to even realize that they're doing it), journalists base their world reporting from their own national (and even personal liberal or conservative) perspective - which is not bad, necessarily, but which does not provide the same depth of coverage that you would get if you received the same news story from 2 or 3 (or more) independent "witnesses" - a solid Biblical principle.

Here are a few examples of major news agencies from around the world (listed in alphabetical order) that you may wish to try, along with your regular favorites, for your truly world news.

ABC (American Broadcasting Corporation)

ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Africa Daily

BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation)

Berlin News (Germany)

CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation)

China Today

CNN (United States)

Globe and Mail (Canada)

Europe Daily

Jerusalem Post (Israel)

Ha`aretz (Israel)

Itar-Tass (Russia)

Japan Times

Times Of India

Times Of London

Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)

World Radio Network

Fact Finder: Did Jesus Christ instruct Christians to watch what's happening?
Mark 13:37

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