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Tyrant, from the Latin tyrannus, meaning terrible, is generally defined as a "dictator or dictatorial person; an autocrat; a despot." Tyrants aren't elected; according to the original literal meaning of the word, which in ancient times (i.e. when Bible History, and Prophecy was written) referred to someone who usurped political rulership without the consent of the people, or at the expense of the existing government. By definition, an actual tyrant cannot exist in nations where democracy exists, or continues to exist because any suspension of democratic liberty would never be tolerated by its citizens (i.e. although the tyrant Adolf Hitler was elected to office, one of the first things that he successfully did was to, in his (translated from German) words, "do away with this democratic nonsense"). That reality (along with the fact that there will also be no "separation of church and state" there then, just as there isn't in most places there now - see Church and State) should be the strongest clue as to the places where the end-time "Beast" leader won't be.

Satan's End-Time Tyrant, The "King Of The North" In Central Europe

Hitler The European Union is today reawakening, again, an ancient, inescapable destiny (see The Holy Roman Empire). Although democratic at first (based on the independent European nations that are today voluntarily surrendering much of their individual sovereignty to the bureaucrats in Brussels - who are increasingly controlled by the bureaucrats in Berlin), the well-intentioned democratic foundation of the EU will not last:

"In his place shall arise a contemptible person to whom royal majesty has not been given; he shall come in without warning and obtain the kingdom by flatteries. Armies shall be utterly swept away before him and broken, and the prince of the covenant also. And from the time that an alliance is made with him he shall act deceitfully; and he shall become strong with a small people. Without warning he shall come into the richest parts of the province; and he shall do what neither his fathers nor his fathers' fathers have done, scattering among them plunder, spoil, and goods. He shall devise plans against strongholds, but only for a time."

"And he shall stir up his power and his courage against the king of the south with a great army [see Birth Of A Superpower]; and the king of the south shall wage war with an exceedingly great and mighty army; but he shall not stand, for plots shall be devised against him. Even those who eat his rich food shall be his undoing; his army shall be swept away, and many shall fall down slain. And as for the two kings, their minds shall be bent on mischief; they shall speak lies at the same table, but to no avail; for the end is yet to be at the time appointed. And he shall return to his land with great substance, but his heart shall be set against the holy covenant. And he shall work his will, and return to his own land."

"At the time appointed he shall return and come into the south; but it shall not be this time as it was before. For ships of Kittim shall come against him, and he shall be afraid and withdraw, and shall turn back and be enraged and take action against the holy covenant. He shall turn back and give heed to those who forsake the holy covenant."

"Forces from him shall appear and profane the Temple [see Temples] and fortress, and shall take away the continual burnt offering. And they shall set up the abomination that makes desolate [see The Abomination of Desolation]. He shall seduce with flattery those who violate the covenant; but the people who know their God shall stand firm and take action."

"And those among the people who are wise shall make many understand, though they shall fall by sword and flame, by captivity and plunder, for some days [see What Is A Saint? and The Elect]. When they fall, they shall receive a little help. And many shall join themselves to them with flattery; and some of those who are wise shall fall, to refine and to cleanse them and to make them white, until the time of the end [see A Heavenly Cavalry Charge], for it is yet for the time appointed."

"And the king shall do according to his will; he shall exalt himself and magnify himself above every god, and shall speak astonishing things against the God of gods. He shall prosper till the indignation is accomplished; for what is determined shall be done. He shall give no heed to the gods of his fathers, or to the one beloved by women; he shall not give heed to any other god, for he shall magnify himself above all. He shall honor the god of fortresses instead of these; a god whom his fathers did not know he shall honor with gold and silver, with precious stones and costly gifts. He shall deal with the strongest fortresses by the help of a foreign god; those who acknowledge him he shall magnify with honor. He shall make them rulers over many and shall divide the land for a price."

"At the time of the end the king of the south shall attack him; but the king of the north shall rush upon him like a whirlwind, with chariots and horsemen, and with many ships; and he shall come into countries and shall overflow and pass through. He shall come into the glorious land. And tens of thousands shall fall, but these shall be delivered out of his hand: Edom and Moab and the main part of the Ammonites. He shall stretch out his hand against the countries, and the land of Egypt shall not escape. He shall become ruler of the treasures of gold and of silver, and all the precious things of Egypt; and the Libyans and the Ethiopians shall follow in his train. But tidings from the east and the north [i.e. China and Russia] shall alarm him, and he shall go forth with great fury to exterminate and utterly destroy many. And he shall pitch his palatial tents between the sea [i.e. The Mediterranean Sea] and the glorious holy mountain [i.e. Jerusalem]; yet he shall come to his end, with none to help him." (Daniel 11:21-45 RSV)

And then, The Return Of Jesus Christ, and the first of the Resurrections:

"At that time shall arise Michael, the great prince who has charge of your people. And there shall be a time of trouble, such as never has been since there was a nation till that time; but at that time your people shall be delivered, every one whose name shall be found written in the book. And many of those who sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt. And those who are wise shall shine like the brightness of the firmament; and those who turn many to righteousness, like the stars for ever and ever." (Daniel 12:1-3 RSV)

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(a) See Revelation 13 (b) See The Mysterious "666"

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