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By The Book - 1 Chronicles

1. What were the names of Noah's 3 sons? (1 Chronicles 1:4) (see Sons Of Noah)

2. What were the names of Abraham's 2 sons? (1 Chronicles 1:28) (see Abraham, Sarah, Isaac and Ishmael)

Noah's Ark 3. What were the names of Jacob's/Israel's 12 sons from whom the 12 tribes of Israel originated? (1 Chronicles 2:1-2) (see Children of Jacob)

4. What was Jerusalem called at the time that David conquered it for Israel? (1 Chronicles 11:4) (see also Bible Places)

5. Who were the only people permitted to carry The Ark Of The Covenant which contained The Ten Commandments? (1 Chronicles 15:2) (see Levites, The Ten Commandments Now? and Temple Mount Treasures)

6. What was the name of the prophet who worked closely with King David? (1 Chronicles 17:1)

7. Did Satan (see That Old Serpent) ever directly cause David to do wrong? (1 Chronicles 21:1)

8. What was the name of David's son who succeeded him as king? (1 Chronicles 29:23) (see Solomon and Solomon's Kingdom)
Note that it is called The Throne of The Lord - a throne that Jesus Christ, Who lived for a time as a descendant of David, will one day return to claim.

9. How long did David reign over Israel? (1 Chronicles 29:27)

10. What is the name of the city where David reigned before moving to Jerusalem? (1 Chronicles 29:27) (see Hebron)

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