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By The Book - 2 Chronicles

1. After he was made king over Israel after the death of his father David, what did Solomon ask God to give him? (2 Chronicles 1:10)

2. Did God grant Solomon's request for wisdom? Did God also provide Solomon with other things when it was proven that Solomon had his priorities right? (2 Chronicles 1:11-12)

Solomon 3. Where did Solomon build God's Temple? (2 Chronicles 3:1) (see Temples)

4. What was the name of the famous southern queen who came with a great caravan to visit Solomon? (2 Chronicles 9:1)

5. How long was Solomon king over Israel? (2 Chronicles 9:30)

6. What was the name of Solomon's son who succeeded him as king? (2 Chronicles 9:31) (see Rehoboam)

7. Did Rehoboam's arrogance result in the division of Israel into 2 kingdoms? (2 Chronicles 10:12-19)
This extremely pivotal event in Bible History resulted in 2 kingdoms - 10 tribes forming a northern kingdom of "Israel," while the remaining 2 tribes formed the southern kingdom of "Judah." (see Kings of Israel and Judah)

8. Who defeated the southern kingdom of Judah, destroyed their capital city of Jerusalem, sacked and burned The Temple, and carried the people of Judah off into exile? (2 Chronicles 36:15-21)

9. Did the Babylonians under King Nebuchadnezzar conquer Judah on their own, or did The Lord actually bring it about Himself as a punishment for the corrupt kingdom? (2 Chronicles 36:16-17) (see Why Babylon?)

10. How long did their exile last? (2 Chronicles 36:21)

11. What later empire, who conquered the Babylonians, allowed Judah to return to Jerusalem? (2 Chronicles 36:22-23) (see Ancient Empires - Persia)

12. What was the name of the prophet who played a major role in warning Judah at that time? (2 Chronicles 36:21-22)
Note: Much of the book of Jeremiah covers these events.

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