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Crossroads Of The Earth

If you look at a map of the world and find the point just where Asia, Africa and Europe meet, you will see Israel. Is it coincidence that the location that God chose for the Holy Land also happened to be the very "crossroads of the earth" of the time?

Crossroads Of The Earth
Many believe that the three major branches of the human family are descended from the three Sons Of Noah (Shem, Ham and Japheth) - certainly an inescapable conclusion since only they and their wives survived The Great Flood with Noah and his wife. Everyone today is descended from those eight survivors of the flood.

According to the Bible's account of the movement and settlement of people after the flood, and a popular theory that has been developed from that information, the "black" people are descended from Ham and settled Africa, the "yellow" people are descended from Japheth and settled Asia, and the "white" people are descended from Shem and settled Europe.

With regard to North America, South America, Australia and New Zealand, (apart from the worldwide scattering done by God Himself after the Tower of Babylon incident of Genesis 11:1-9) the theory continues on that the white and black peoples arrived by ship from Europe and Africa (a historical fact).

The native peoples of North and South America (the "Indians" and "Eskimos") are believed to have originated in Asia (now confirmed by modern DNA research). They arrived not by great westward-sailing ships that endured long ocean voyages, but by simply walking eastward across the northern sea ice in winter, or by using simple boats in summer, between Asia to what is today Alaska (where the North American and Asian continents are less than 100 miles / 160 kilometers apart), and then gradually moved south and eastward until their descendants populated North and South America over many centuries of settlement and migration.

The native peoples of Australia and the Pacific island nations are believed to arrived by small watercraft, the possibility being amply demonstrated by modern-day explorers using rafts of ancient design.

Whoever or wherever we are today, one fact remains a foremost reality, one which even Bible-rejecting evolutionary theorists accept as true. One way or the other, we all have had the same beginning. We are all of the same family.

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Genesis 2:7

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