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Demons or Devils?

A Christian gentleman wrote to me a while ago about a Bible study that I did, entitled Why Demons Are Afraid Of You. He said that he agreed with what I wrote, but disagreed with my use of the word "demon," which he said "is found no where in the Bible." He informed me that the correct word is "devil," and suggested that I should be more careful about using "non-Biblical" words in a Bible study.

He was correct in saying that the word "demon" is not found anywhere in his Bible. However, it is found in the Bible that I used for that study. Does that mean that something is wrong with one of our Bibles? No, not at all. "Demon" and "devil" are merely two different English-language words that have been used to translate the same original Hebrew or Greek words of The Bible. Both work quite well.

For example, in Matthew 7:22, the original Greek word, pronounced dahee-mon-ee-on, is translated as "demons" in the New International Version, the Revised Standard Version, and the American Standard Version, and as "devils" in the King James Version.

The same principle applies to numerous other words that are familiar to us - another good reason why using more than one translation for reference is often quite helpful.

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