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By The Book - Exodus

1. Of what Israelite tribe was Moses? (Exodus 2:1,10) (see also Levites)

2. What was Moses' wife's name? (Exodus 2:21)

Waters Turned To Blood 3. Where did Moses see The Burning Bush? (Exodus 3:1-2)

4. Did Moses ask God to send someone else to Egypt because he couldn't speak very well? (Exodus 4:10)

5. What was Moses' brother's name? (Exodus 4:14)

6. Moses and Aaron were not very successful in their first meeting with Pharaoh. As punishment, what added burden did Pharaoh inflict on the Israelite slaves? (Exodus 5:1-2,6-9) (see The Land Of Goshen)

7. After numerous plagues on the Egyptians for refusing to release the Israelites, what final plague made the Pharaoh let them go? (Exodus 11:1,5) (see The Ten Plagues and Aaron's Staff)

8. In which day and month of the Hebrew Calendar did the Passover of the Exodus occur? (Exodus 12:2,6)

9. What were the Israelites to do with the blood of the Passover lamb? (Exodus 12:7) (see Passover In Egypt)

10. About how many Israelites left Egypt in the Exodus? (Exodus 12:37) (see Growth Of A Nation)

11. How long had the Israelites been in Egypt before the Exodus? (Exodus 12:41)

12. How long did it take to part the waters of the Red Sea before the Israelites could cross on dry ground? (Exodus 14:21) (see Where Did They Cross The Sea? and Is This How The Red Sea Parted?)

13 How many days of the week were the Israelites allowed to gather Manna? (Exodus 16:26)

14. What did manna taste like? (Exodus 16:31)

15. How long did the Israelites eat manna? (Exodus 16:35)

16. What is the name of the mountain where God gave Moses The Ten Commandments? (Exodus 19:11) (see Mount Sinai and Wilderness Journey)

17. What happened to the first set of stone tablets on which were written the Ten Commandments? (Exodus 32:19, 34:1). See also The Ark Of The Covenant.

18. Did The Lord inhabit The Tabernacle in the desert? (Exodus 40:34-38) (see Rock Of Ages and The Logos)

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