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Faith Made Easy

How many of us would like to have greater faith? Is there a "hard copy" way to be more sure of what we believe as Christians? Yes!

Sunrise The best way for any Christian to be more faithful (apart from The Holy Spirit which gives you the desire to be more faithful in the first place!) is to learn more about the vast amount of physical evidence and documentation that is available to anyone who wishes to examine it. Take the time to read and learn about Christianity, its people (who with one exception were just as imperfectly human as any of us today), and about all of the wonderful places and interesting artifacts that exist.

There is a vast amount of physical proof of the existence of the people and places in the Bible. The ruins of the Biblical Temple exist - you can go there, and see and touch it. The people of the Bible existed - the site of the graves of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob can be seen in Hebron (along with all of the heavily armed people who are always there on guard). Museums around the world are filled with physical artifacts that are described in the Bible. And today, with the miracle of the Internet, you can "visit" 99% of these places without ever leaving home.

God does not expect "blind" faith from you! Take the time to learn, and you will be a better Christian for it.

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Mark 16:16

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