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Feet Of Iron And Clay

In the Bible study Daniel's Statue we looked at the curious prophetic symbol found in the book of Daniel. The vision of the statue was given by God to King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon in a dream. The dream was interpreted by the prophet Daniel.

Daniel's Statue The statue was a composite, made up of different materials to represent the successive human empires that ruled the land of the Bible and beyond. With the starting point of the Babylonian "head of gold" (see Ancient Empires - Babylon) plainly stated to us by Daniel, Bible History and secular history both provide us with the other pieces of the puzzle that fit perfectly: after the Babylonian empire came the Persian empire (the chest and arms of silver - see Ancient Empires - Persia); then the Greek empire (belly and thighs of bronze - see Ancient Empires - Greece); and finally the Roman empire (the legs of iron - see Ancient Empires - Rome). The legs of iron (the Roman empire eventually through its history came to be known as the "Holy Roman Empire") terminated in the feet which were composed of a mixture of iron and baked clay.

Daniel provides us with a fascinating description of the "feet." The iron in the feet is described as a group of different peoples (nations) that despite their differences in language and culture, come together for a short time to fulfill an important stage in God's plan.

The "baked clay" in the feet is the necessary binding agent that holds the pieces of iron together. A common religion, led by a popular, and eventually great miracle-performing leader, is thought to be the baked clay.

It is interesting, and perhaps significant, that a number of modern-day European Union leaders have actually referred to the present political developments on the continent as another revival of the ancient Holy Roman Empire. Some not only see the parallels, but are actually working to bring such a revival about.

So what if the European Union does turn out to be that part of the prophetic statue, what does it mean to us as Christians? Should we care or be somehow concerned? A reading of Daniel 2:31-45 covers it quite well, particularly the part about "the rock not of human origin" and how it relates to the statue's feet of iron and clay. Numerous commentators and Biblical scholars recognize that "rock" as the returning Christ - see The Return Of Jesus Christ.

Fact Finder: How long will the kingdom of that "rock" last?
(a) 1,000 years (b) same as the earth (c) not mentioned (d) forever
Daniel 2:44

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