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By The Book - Job

1. Where was Job from? (Job 1:1)

2. Did Job have a large family and great wealth before his troubles began? (Job 1:2-3)

Meadow 3. Was Job careful to obey God? (Job 1:8)

4. Can Satan be everywhere at once, or is he only in one place at a time? (Job 1:7, 2:2) (see also That Old Serpent)

5. Who was responsible for all of Job's troubles? (Job 1:12)
Note: God permitted the testing of Job.

6. Did Job lose everything that he had? (Job 1:13-19)

7. What was Job's reaction to having lost all of his family and wealth? (Job 1:20-22)

8. After all that had already happened, was Satan then allowed to inflict Job with a painful, hideous disease? (Job 2:7)
Note: Job was unmatched in righteousness among the people his time (Job 1:8) - his testing would be proportional. See Why Does God Allow Suffering?

9. What were the names of Job's 3 friends who came to encourage him during his trial? (Job 2:11)
Note: And a trial it certainly was. Satan did it, but God permitted it.

10. After his time of adversity was past, did God reward Job with far more than he had before? (Job 42:10-17)

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