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By The Book - Joel

1. Who was actually speaking through the prophet Joel? (Joel 1:1) (see The Father and The Logos)

Scroll 2. Did Joel warn the people to Repent and turn to God, or face His wrath? (Joel 1:13-20)

3. Will the Day of The Lord be the wrath of God on a sinful world? (Joel 2:1-11) (see The Seven Seals and Grapes Of Wrath)

4. Did Joel's prophecy also include that of a time when the Holy Spirit would be poured out upon people? (Joel 2:28-29) (see The Holy Spirit In Your Life and What Is The Church?)

Note: Hundreds of years later, Peter quoted Joel 2:28-32 on the Pentecost that became the "birthday of the church." See Acts 2:16-21.

5. Did Joel's prophecy include The Return Of Jesus Christ (before the First Coming had occurred!)? (Joel 2:30-32, compare Matthew 24:29-30) (see also Signs In The Heavens)

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