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Joy Of The Spirit

Jesus Christ was the very Son of God. He was also very human, subject to the very same emotions as any human today.

Dove Jesus certainly knew human pain during the agony of His crucifixion. He knew human anger when he drove the money changers out of The Temple. He knew human grief when His friend Lazarus died. He knew human weariness when He slept in the back of Peter's fishing boat despite the great storm that had come up. And He knew human joy, and especially that special kind of joy made possible by The Holy Spirit.

Being filled with The Holy Spirit makes us joyful because it makes us feel safe. It gives us the knowledge of the freedom that awaits us. The Spirit of God in us keeps our "eyes on the prize" - the eternal life of happiness that is surely coming. Knowing that, and knowing it for certain, no doubts, makes any of this temporary physical life's troubles seem less of a burden, less painful, less important.

Even in times of pain and unhappiness, there can still be joy of The Spirit. Paul and Silas, after being arrested, severely flogged and locked up in a small cell with their feet clamped into the stocks, still sang joyful hymns during that night. (Acts 16:22-25) They had the joy of The Spirit. And it didn't let them down - God sent them deliverance.

As you read this, why not let a little joy of The Holy Spirit out, and treat yourself to a joyful smile.

It feels good, doesn't it?

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Galatians 5:22

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