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The Keys To Prophecy

Bible prophecy is always a fascinating study. Everyone is interested in what may be coming in the future, especially when it involves their Christianity, and their salvation!

Scroll Understanding prophecy however takes time and effort. The Bible is an extremely prophetic book (more accurately, a series of books), but it isn't all listed in big blocks of information, all in one place. It's almost always laid out in pieces, in different, but clearly related, chapters and verses in books throughout the Bible. Very much like a big jigsaw puzzle, the Bible was written by a number of different prophets who lived over many centuries.

In this Daily Bible Study, we often study prophecy, primarily events coming in the Middle East and Europe. Like a jigsaw puzzle, whose pieces' notches and tabs can only fit together a particular way, our studies are presented in pieces. This can actually be an advantage, because it presents the facts in individual packages that allows for a clear view of each piece as it is fitted together with the others.

A good example of this is the article, Birth Of A Superpower. It offers much detail on its subject based upon:

  • All of the pieces of Bible prophecy that deal with the Roman empire - past, present and future.

  • The secular history of Europe which describes the flow of events from the end of the New Testament record to the present time.

  • The present world situation and the only nations that are capable of filling the roles to bring about what is prophesied to happen.

The article's accuracy is dependent upon those 3 factors.

Birth Of A Superpower depends upon a number of other articles, such as Daniel's Statue and Feet Of Iron And Clay that deal with the same subject from a different, but necessary for complete understanding, viewpoint. Each article is required for the full comprehension of each of the others.

The two most important keys to understanding prophecy are: (1) an open mind, and (2) an open Bible. Those two ingredients will take you a very long way to understanding the shape of things to come - once you have a starting point.

Fact Finder: What enabled the many prophets of the Bible to write Scriptures describing events of the future?
(a) their own opinions (b) astrology (c) guesswork (d) The Holy Spirit
2 Peter 1:21

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