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By The Book - Lamentations

Lamentations was written by the prophet Jeremiah (see Prophets). It follows his prophetic Book of Jeremiah in which the people of the southern kingdom of Judah (see Kings of Israel and Judah and Jews At War With Israel) refused to heed over 20 years of God's warnings. Lamentations is Jeremiah's eyewitness record of the aftermath of Jerusalem's destruction by the Babylonians under King Nebuchadnezzar in 586 B.C. (see Ancient Empires - Babylon).

The Temple 1. Was Jerusalem both destroyed and deserted? (Lamentations 1:1)

2. Was Jerusalem devastated because of the people's stubborn sinfulness? (Lamentations 1:8)

3. Did God even allow the destruction of the original Temple? (Lamentations 1:10) (see Temples and Temple Mount Treasures)

4. Did the people have false and worthless prophets who did not warn the people of the sin they were committing and the devastation that would result? (Lamentations 2:14) (see Sweet Nuthins')

5. Did the people's great wealth become worthless after God withdrew His protection? (Lamentations 4:1)

6. Did God promise that after a time of punishment, the people of Judah would be allowed to return? (Lamentations 4:22)
Note: After the "Babylonian Exile," the people of Judah (the tribes of Judah and Benjamin) were allowed to return and rebuild Jerusalem in the time of Nehemiah and Ezra. Their descendants are the Jews of Israel today.

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