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By The Book - Luke

1. To whom did Luke write his Gospel book? (Luke 1:3)

2. What was the name of the angel who appeared to Zechariah and Elizabeth to announce the coming birth of their son John The Baptist? (Luke 1:19) (see Messages From Gabriel)

Holy Bible 3. Of what Israelite tribe (see Children of Jacob) was John the Baptist? (Luke 1:5) (see Levites and Aaron)

4. Did God send the angel Gabriel also to Nazareth in Galilee to announce to Mary the coming birth of The Savior? (Luke 1:26-38)

5. Were Jesus Christ and John The Baptist related? (Luke 1:36) (Note: Mary and Elizabeth were cousins)

6. Which Roman Emperor issued a decree that a census be taken? (Luke 2:1) (see also Ancient Empires - Rome)

7. Was Joseph descended from the line of King David? (Luke 2:4) (see The Chosen People)

8. Where was Jesus Christ born? (Luke 2:4-7) (see Bethlehem and Bethlehem Fact File)

9. Who was governor of Judea at the time when Jesus Christ began His ministry? (Luke 3:1) (see Pontius Pilate)

10. Was Jesus Christ baptized by John the Baptist? (Luke 3:21) (see Baptism)

11. What happened during The Temptation of Jesus Christ by That Old Serpent? (Luke 4:1-13) (see also Go Ahead, Jump! and The Lame Duck)

12. Did Jesus Christ regularly observe the Sabbath according to The Ten Commandments? (Luke 4:16,31)

13. Was Jesus Christ able to cure demon-possessed people? (Luke 4:35) (see Why Demons Are Afraid Of You)

14. Who were the The Twelve Apostles? (Luke 6:12-16)

15. What did The Lord mean by Turn The Other Cheek? (Luke 6:27-36)

16. On what sort of animal did Jesus make His Triumphal Entry from The Mount Of Olives into Jerusalem? (Luke 19:28-36) (see The Donkey)

17. Did Jesus say that, after the resurrection, those who repent will be spirit children of God who can never again die? (Luke 20:36) (see The Last Day)

18. What did The Lord say about conditions in Jerusalem just prior to The Return Of Jesus Christ? (Luke 21:5-36) (see The Abomination of Desolation)

19. Which of the disciples was a traitor? (Luke 22:3-6) (see Why Did He Do It?)

20. What happened on the night Jesus was arrested? (Luke chapters 22 and 23) (see The Fateful Night)

21. What actually killed Jesus Christ? (see How Did Jesus Christ Die?)

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