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By The Book - Matthew

1. Is Jesus Christ a descendant of Abraham and King David? (Matthew 1:1) (see The Chosen People)

Nazareth 2. Who was the human father of Jesus Christ? (Matthew 1:18-25) (see Joseph)

3. What was the name of the town in which The Savior was born? (Matthew 2:1) (see Bethlehem)

4. What was the name of the Roman official who attempted to have the infant Jesus Christ killed? (Matthew 2:1) (see Herod The Great)

5. What is the name of the town where Jesus grew up (shown in photograph)? (Matthew 2:23) (see Nazareth)

6. What was the name of the prophet who "prepared the way" for the Savior? (Matthew 3:1) (see John The Baptist)

7. Was Jesus Christ baptized? (Matthew 3:13-17) (see Baptism)

8. What happened during the Temptation of Christ? (Matthew 4:1-11) (see Go Ahead, Jump!)

9. Where did Jesus go to live after the people of Nazareth rejected Him? (Matthew 8:5) (see Capernaum)

10. On what sort of animal did Jesus make His Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem? (Matthew 21:1-11) (see The Donkey)

11. What did Jesus say about conditions in Jerusalem just prior to His Return? (Matthew 24:1-35) (see The Abomination of Desolation)

12. Which of the disciples was a traitor? (Matthew 26:14) (see Why Did He Do It?)

13. What happened on the night Jesus was arrested? (Matthew chapters 26 and 27) (see The Fateful Night)

14. What was the name of the Roman governor who condemned Jesus Christ to death, even though he knew The Lord was an innocent man? (Matthew 27:19-26) (see Pontius Pilate)

15. Who carried out The Crucifixion? (Matthew 27:27-31) (see Roman Legions)

16. Where was Jesus Crucified? (Matthew 27:33) (see Calvary)

17. What actually killed Jesus Christ? (see How Did Jesus Christ Die?)

18. Where was The Lord's Body placed after His death? (Matthew 27:57-60) (see The Garden Tomb)

19. Who was actually the first to speak with The Risen Christ? (see Mary of Magdala)

20. Where did The Lord meet with the disciples after His Resurrection? (Matthew 28:16) (see Galilee)

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