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By The Book - Numbers

1. How long after the Exodus was the first census of the Israelites done? (Numbers 1:1-2)

2. How many Israelites of military age were there? (Numbers 1:45-46)

The Tabernacle 3. Of the 4 sons of Aaron, which 2 carried on the priesthood, and why were the other 2 unable to continue? (Numbers 3:2-4) (see Levites)

4. When did the Israelites leave Sinai, and where did they go next? (Numbers 10:11-12) (see Mount Sinai and The Sinai Peninsula and Wilderness Journey)

5. Despite being recently freed from terrible slavery in Egypt, were the Israelites always "happy campers" in the desert? (Numbers 11:1)

6. What are some of the foods from Egypt that the Israelites complained about missing because they were then eating only manna? (Numbers 11:4-6) (see What Was Manna?)

7. Did Moses, and others, far back in the Old Testament, have the Holy Spirit? (Numbers 11:24-25) (see The Holy Spirit In The Old Testament?)

8. What were the names of Moses' brother and sister, and why did they at one point oppose him? (Numbers 12:1-2)

9. Was Moses a very quiet and humble man, or a very proud and arrogant man? (Numbers 12:3)

10. What was Joshua's original name? (Numbers 13:16) (see Joshua)

11. How long were the men exploring the land of Canaan gone on their intelligence-gathering mission? (Numbers 13:25)

12. Where is Miriam buried? (Numbers 20:1)

13. What incident cost Moses entry into the Promised Land? (Numbers 20:9-13) (see also Deuteronomy 32:51-52 and Heartbreak Mountain)

14. Where and how did Aaron die? (Numbers 20:23-24,28-29)

15. Who was the king of Moab who sought to put a curse on the advancing Israelites, and who did he send for to do it? (Numbers 22:4-6)

16. What animal could see the Angel of The Lord when Balaam at first could not? (Numbers 22:23)

17. After being confronted by the Angel of The Lord, what did the sorcerer Balaam do to the Israelites instead of cursing them? (Numbers 24:10)

18. Who did God designate as Moses' successor? (Numbers 27:18)

19. What three tribes of the Israelites were to settle east of the Jordan River? (Numbers 32:32-33) (see Tribal Lands)

20. What were the God-commanded boundaries of the land of Israel? (Numbers 34:1-12) (Modern-day politicians and diplomats in the Middle East and elsewhere might do well to read those few verses!)

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