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Salt Of The Earth

The ancient Israelites were quite familiar with salt. They used it not quite unlike we commonly do today, for seasoning and food preservation.

The Dead Sea Salt was, and is, found along the shores of the Dead Sea (in photograph) where it could be gathered in evaporated areas and along the cliffs. It could also be obtained from the Mediterranean Sea where seawater was gathered and allowed to evaporate from containers.

Salt was also used as an antiseptic (gargling with a mild salt water solution is still one of the best treatments for a minor sore throat) by the Israelites. Newborn Israelite babies were routinely washed and rubbed with salt.

Salt was used in various purification ceremonies and offerings. Sometimes conquered cities had their fields sown with salt to render them useless for crops, at least for some time.

"The salt of the earth" was used to describe pure character, free of the contamination of sin.

Fact Finder: Who used the term "salt of the earth" in the Bible?
(a) Jesus Christ (b) Paul (c) Moses (d) Judas Iscariot
Matthew 5:1,13

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