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By The Book - 2 Samuel

1. What was David's reaction to hearing that Saul had been killed? (2 Samuel 1:11-12)

2. Where did David go after Saul's death - the town where he would soon be made king in place of Saul? (2 Samuel 2:1) (see Hebron)

The Temple 3. How old was David when he became king, and how long did he reign? (2 Samuel 5:4-5)

4. As The Ark Of The Covenant was being taken to Jerusalem with the new king, what is the name of the man who was killed for touching The Ark? (2 Samuel 6:6-7)

5. What was the name of the man who David had killed in battle to cover up an incident of adultery with the man's wife? (2 Samuel 11:15)

6. After she became a widow, did David then marry the murdered man's wife? What was her name? (2 Samuel 11:3,27)

7. What was the name of the prophet through whom The Lord rebuked David for adultery and murder? (2 Samuel 12:1)

8. What happened to David and Bathsheba's child that was born out of their adulterous affair? (2 Samuel 12:15,18)

9. What was the name of the next child born to David and Bathsheba, the one who would later follow David as king of Israel? (2 Samuel 12:24) (see Solomon)

10. David had other very serious family troubles. What was the name of David's daughter who was raped by her brother, and what was the brother's name? (2 Samuel 13:1,12-14) What was the name of another brother who then killed the rapist? (2 Samuel 13:32)

11. Was David later forced to flee Jerusalem to escape an attempted takeover by his own son Absalom? (2 Samuel 15:13-14)

12. What happened to David's rebel son Absalom? (2 Samuel 18:9,14)

13. Did David's grief over the death of his rebel son nearly cost him the political support of those who had been loyal to him? (2 Samuel 19:1-8)

14. What is the name of the Jebusite from whom David bought a threshing floor that would be made into a place for making offerings to The Lord? (2 Samuel 24:18). What did David pay for it? (2 Samuel 24:24)

Historical Note: It was on this site that The Temple (see Temples) was later built. The property was bought and paid for by David, king of the Israelites, and willingly sold by Araunah the Jebusite. David later made the property over to The God of Israel. There has never been a legal change of ownership of the Temple Mount.

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