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Could Satan Repent?

Imagine opening your daily newspaper one day and finding the bold headline "SATAN REPENTS!"

Shocking? Impossible? Well, let's just see.

Snake Satan was not created evil. He began good. His name at his beginning was Lucifer, which means "light bringer," whereas Satan means "adversary." By all accounts, he was a loyal and obedient archangel for a very long time before he went wrong.

Satan allowed himself to become evil. There was no influence around to constantly tempt him in the way that he now tempts humans - he is an original. Not satisfied with all that God has given him, he tried to stage an actual coup, attempting not only to take over the universe with the millions of angels who he recruited to join in his rebellion, but to overthrow God! Such a conquest was and always will be absolutely impossible of course - glaring evidence of how twisted Satan's reasoning had become. He and his army lost the battle of the heavens and were cast down to the earth.

Since then Satan and his angels, now called demons, have been very busy - the evil and suffering in our world is all too plain. He particularly hates humans because he realizes that we are in line to inherit all that he threw away.

But what if one day he decided that he had enough? We know that he has gone from good to bad, could he now go back from bad to good? Could the That Old Serpent repent? What does The Bible say?

In Revelation we are told of a time when Satan will be put away, imprisoned, in a pit of darkness for 1,000 years - a time that even he would consider substantial. This will serve two purposes: (1) to make clear beyond all doubt that God is infinitely supreme to him, (2) to warn him, in no uncertain terms, of his dismal fate for all eternity.

He will then be let out. Not an escape, but a release! You can read of it in Revelation chapter 20.

If there was ever a time when Satan would, or could repent, that would seem to be it. It almost seems that God is giving him one last chance. But what is Satan going to do? The Bible states plainly that upon regaining his freedom he is going to go right back to his evil activities. His fate will then be sealed. Forever.

Satan is beyond repentance. He is now, and always will be evil. He will be locked away forever and ever, endlessly for all eternity, and he will have only himself to blame.

Satan has chosen to make himself the greatest loser of all time.

Fact Finder: To what did Jesus compare Satan's fall from the heavens after his failed takeover?
(a) a falling leaf (b) a stone being dropped (c) lightning (d) wind
Luke 10:18

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