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That Old Serpent

For many people, the sight, even the thought, of a snake causes feelings of strong dislike. Snakes are repugnant to most of us, which may be exactly why God used a "serpent," or snake, as a symbol of Satan. We should naturally regard him as extremely repulsive.

Snake Satan is the greatest loser of all eternity. He was at one time an obedient, close servant of God - magnificent in appearance and position (Ezekiel 28:12-15). But he threw it all away through his rebellion, and was cast down to the earth (Ezekiel 28:16-17).

No one influenced Satan to sin the way that he now influences humans. Satan is an original. He decided solely by himself, he made the deliberate choice, to go from good to bad. See Could Satan Repent?

Satan is the Christian's greatest enemy, the most serious danger to one's eternal life. We need not live in fear of him however. Despite his now being much more powerful, we ultimately have the upper hand over him and all of his demons. We have the power of God's Holy Spirit to guide and protect us. See Why Demons Are Afraid Of You.

Satan's greatest weapon against us now is deception. Much of the world today cannot tell right from wrong, whether in matters of religion, or simple everyday life. So often what is wicked and despicable is actually glorified, while what is good and decent is sometimes viewed as somehow wrong or foolish. Satan is the ultimate expert at covering truth with lies and misconceptions. See What Does Satan Look Like?

The good news is that Satan has already lost. The Life, Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus Christ has seen to that. The day is not far off when Satan is going to get all that is coming to him.

Fact Finder: What will be Satan's fate for all eternity?
Revelation 20:10

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