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Successful Living

God has always existed. He knows what works, because He designed how everything works.

The Bible is a magnificent God-inspired assembly of books with a 3 very important purposes:

Bible 1. History - to tell us how we began and how we got to where we are.

2. Prophecy - to tell us where we are going, and how we are going to get there.

3. A guide to life - simple rules, as relevant today as thousands of years ago, that if followed will make us worthy of His gift of eternal life, and provide us with a happier, more secure life in the meantime. This is summarized by The Ten Commandments.

God's commandments on how to properly worship Him (Commandments 1 to 4) are there because He is the True God. Worshiping pagan gods, or worshiping the True God in a manner that He does not approve of, will lead to failure, a spiritual dead-end.

God's commandments against stealing, murder, lying, coveting, immorality and irresponsibility toward family (Commandments 5 to 10) are there to save us from the misery that always results when these laws are broken. If obeyed, they would provide a safe, prosperous society.

God did not create humanity and then just leave us to wander around in the dark, bumping into things and each other. He gave us the Bible to light the way, the road to life. His laws and instructions, if we choose to follow them faithfully, will make us, and everyone around us, happy and successful.

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John 14:6

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