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Taming The Tongue

We are told that the tongue, signifying how we speak, can control and effect the direction of our lives. It is a small part of the body that can do so much good, and yet sometimes get us into very big trouble.

Bible A few apt words can change a sad expression to a happy one. What a joy it is to see someone cheered up by truthful encouragement. Words have great healing power.

Words are like water. They can be a pure spring of life-giving substance, or they can be a septic tank of contamination.

How we speak is a good indication of the state of our Christianity. Profanity and coarse talk have no place in the life of a Christian. Although never easy, and much more difficult for some of us, controlling the tongue may be one of the most important keys to happiness and success.

Fact Finder: To what part of a ship did James compare the tongue to?
(a) the sail (b) the anchor (c) the rudder (d) the mast
James 3:4-5

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