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By The Book - Titus

1. Who wrote this epistle to Titus? (Titus 1:1) (see Paul's First Missionary Journey, Paul's Second Missionary Journey and Paul's Third Missionary Journey)

Crete 2. Why did Paul leave Titus at Crete? (Titus 1:5)

3. How were the elders and overseers of the churches to conduct themselves? (Titus 1:6-9)

4. Do good people view things in a good way, while people who have become corrupt view everything in a corrupt way? (Titus 1:15) (see Fools For Christ)

5. How did Paul instruct Christians to live their daily lives? (Titus 2:1-15) (see Christian Living)

6. Before their conversion, did the early church saints (see What Is A Saint?), including Paul himself (see On The Road To Damascus), live sinful lives? (Titus 3:3)

7. Were they saved from their sinful lives because of anything that they did, or because of God's mercy? (Titus 3:5-7) (see Amazing Grace and Forgive, And Be Forgiven)

8. Are Christians to avoid arguments and quarrels about doctrine? Why? (Titus 3:9)

9. Did Paul refer to The Return Of Jesus Christ in this epistle? (Titus 2:13)

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