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Why Demons Are Afraid Of You

Many people fear the dark side of the spirit world, the countless number of fallen angels, called demons or devils, who like Satan himself, have become very corrupt and evil. Numerous books and films have capitalized on this fear. The movie The Exorcist, starring Linda Blair, is one of the most infamous.

A Demon The reality is however that demons fear true Christians far more than true Christians should ever fear them!

How can that be? After all, aren't all demons much more powerful than humans? Yes, they are. For now.

Demons, and Satan himself for that matter, although absolutely wicked, apparently realize without dispute an important fact. After your physical life's journey has ended, you, if you have accepted God's offer of eternal life through repentance and obedience to Him, will be far more powerful than any number of demons (see The Elect). They realize that they are only able to directly harm you for the few years of a human lifetime. After that, you will be able to do whatever you wish (of course always in a righteous and responsible manner) with them forever! Even if they killed you now, that would only, from your perspective (the dead have no sense of the passage of time until their future resurrection - see What Happens When You Die?), bring you back "instantly," and all that much more displeased with the one who did it.

If my neighbor has a big dog that's going to be let off his chain in 20 minutes, even if I were someone who really disliked dogs, I'd know better than to go over and torment that animal for that short time, and then be standing there when he's let go. Demons know better than to bother with you for the same sort of reason. It would just result in far more trouble and long-term damage to the tormentor than it's worth.

That doesn't mean that anyone should push their luck and seek confrontations with them. And remember, although they might avoid a direct encounter with those who have the Holy Spirit of God (the actual reason that they fear true Christians), they will not pass up an opportunity to deceive. Christians who look for trouble, and especially people who reject God by getting involved in Satanic "occult" activities, people who practically invite some sort of possession (see Witches And Sorcerers) are the ones who will have problems. Jesus Christ instructed simply, "Nevertheless do not rejoice in this, that the spirits are subject to you; but rejoice that your names are written in heaven." (Luke 10:20 RSV)

Fact Finder: If you resist Satan (through the power of God's Holy Spirit) what will he and his demons do?
(a) attack you (b) run from you
James 4:7

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