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Your Guardian Angel

If you are a good Christian, chances are, even if there are no other people with you right now, you are not alone. You have at least one constant companion quietly and invisibly serving you.

Unseen Eyes Angels, those who have chosen to remain forever obedient to God, are our good friends. Along with the many other things that angels do, they are also assigned to protect and guide people - "Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation?" (Hebrews 1:14)

The same angel or angels may have been with you right from the moment you were conceived, and in all probability know far more about you than you know about yourself. It could be that everything that you have ever said or done has had at least one irrefutable witness.

Angels are described in the Bible as forever distinct from humans - that is, humans do not somehow become angels after they die. However, angels have often manifested themselves with the appearance of a human when they were dealing with humans.

Angels appeared to many people throughout the Bible, sometimes to inform or assist e.g. Gabriel's Message to Mary that Jesus Christ would be born (Luke 1:26-28), or rescuing Peter (Acts 12:8-11), and at other times as agents of God's wrath against evil e.g. The Destruction Of Sodom and Gomorrah (Genesis 19:1), or the killing of the 185,000 Assyrian troops who were besieging Jerusalem and openly challenging and insulting God (2 Kings 19:35). They will also be very busy carrying out a number of spectacular events as described through the Book of Revelation, and elsewhere. Angels have a lot to do.

There is one other unseen visitor that you might possibly have the company of occasionally, one that you are more familiar with, a spirit being that you actually have known by name.

Humans themselves cannot bodily travel through time. Even if it were not physically impossible, it may be logically impossible, as is often summed up in a paradox that usually goes something like, "If I were to travel back in time and, say, got into an accident that killed my father, then I would not have been born. But if I had not been born, I could not have traveled back into time to get into the accident that killed my father." And around it goes. Human time travel would likely be very clumsy and imperfect.

Spirit beings are not however bound by the same physical laws as humans. For them, the physical laws that create paradoxes do not exist. Spirit beings can travel through time without the same sort of consequences that affect humans. They can, and almost certainly do make physical changes in human events that adjust future outcomes in desired directions. A large amount of Prophecy might actually be fulfilled just this way - to not just have the ability to know events of the future, but to have the power to actually bring them about exactly when and how they are desired. The difference is, that when God or His messengers make adjustments, they do it perfectly.

After your physical life's journey has ended, if you have accepted God's offer of eternal life, you will be changed to spirit, a spirit being that can travel through time perhaps just as easily as you can now travel from one thought to the next. It is entirely possible that, along with the angels now there to protect you, you might also get an occasional visit from the future "you" that you will be after you have been changed into spirit. And why not - who better to advise angels on how to take good care of you than the one who survived being you?

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Hebrews 13:2

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