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World War 3 In Prophecy

Bible Prophecy plainly warns that World War 3 is coming. As with the first two world wars (1914-1918, 1939-1945), Europe will again be the focus. The difference however is that this time, a unified Europe (whose population, economy, land area and combined military already matches the US), not just Germany trying to conquer Europe, will be the superpower, and this time Europe is going to win - it will not be defeated except by Christ at His return (Revelation 17:12-14, 19:19-21). The Biblical prophecies and the overwhelming secular-historical proof leading up to that reality are undeniable by any rational, thinking person.

"Europa Uber Alles," which when translated from German means "Europe Over All The World," is my paraphrase of the actual old German imperial national anthem, "Deutschland uber alles," which in translation means "Germany Over All The World" (as with the ancestors of many of you reading this, "Deutschland uber alles" is something that my paternal ancestors were well-familiar with when they escaped to Canada from Otto von Bismarck's "Second Reich" Germany of the 1860s, and ironically, that my maternal ancestors also fled to Canada from during the era of Germany's Kaiser Wilhelm, "Caesar William," 2 generations later, in the early 20th century). The earlier version of the Reich anthem was known as the "Kaiserhymne," translated from German, the "Caesar Hymn," or the "Emperor's Anthem" (see also Emperor).

Sacrum Romanum Imperium Nationis Germanica:
"The Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation"

Hitler In fairness to the other "superpowers" of the present world (although the historically-naive and blissfully inward-looking educational systems and news media in North America often falsely make it seem so, the USA is not the only world superpower even at the present time e.g. both China and India are nuclear-armed nations with great military power and each with populations of over a billion people, and North Korea, despite its severe economic problems, could take on the US and fight it to at least an extremely high-casualties draw, as it did during the Korean War of the 1950s) the European Union (EU) is going to have unfair advantages (not that there is fairness in war, or real life, anyway) that will make it unbeatable - the actual power of Satan (Revelation 13:4) that God will permit as part of His wrath upon those who have become corrupt in His sight (see The Seven Seals), and a great religious deception that will turn many people outside of Europe into willing subjects of the EU dictator and his Papal "great false prophet" (Revelation 13:13-17, see also The Little Big Horn). That is what the Bible says.

That is not to say that most of the people of Europe are, or will be, evil. Millions of Europeans, including true Christians in Europe, will oppose the "beast" power - and they will be horribly persecuted by their own deceived countrymen. The religious persecution will be just as severe on the other side of the Atlantic, and everywhere else on earth, because many, when faced with the pope's great "miracles" (again, Revelation 13:13-17) will believe that they are facing a choice between patriotism or their salvation. The deception will be so powerful that they will believe that by turning against their own country they will be helping to save it. Using the United States as an example, while the war rages, it won't be Europeans inflicting horrible religious persecution upon Americans, it will be Americans inflicting horrible religious persecution upon other Americans. That will also occur in every nation on earth i.e. "power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations" (Revelation 13:7 KJV)

The present founders of the EU, most of them, although many do realize that they are reviving the "Holy Roman Empire" (some have been quoted), do not realize that they are creating a monster that will go on a rampage such as the world has never known - obviously they wouldn't if they knew. But the "beast" is in their midst (see also Where Satan Dwells). And he is going to rise again. He will most likely be (as Holy Roman Emperors through history have always been) a German, or an Austrian, and he's going to be the most evil man that has ever lived.

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