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At the time of the writing of this study (June 2004), Canada is in the midst of a Federal Election. The main contenders are the incumbent Liberals (the Party that is also responsible for Bill C-250, that could make parts of the Holy Bible illegal "hate literature" - see Inviting The Wrath Of Almighty God) whose primary focus is on "free" health care for everyone (because they've come to find that it "buys" them the most votes), and the Conservatives who want to put an end to Liberal government waste and corruption (the Liberals are in the midst of a corruption scandal involving vast amounts of taxpayer's money). The Conservatives also want to institute a massive rebuilding of Canada's Liberal-neglected national defense, from new fighter jets and heavy tanks, to perhaps putting to sea a new Canadian aircraft carrier (the Canadian Navy in the post World War Two era had 3 aircraft carriers, the Bonaventure, the Magnificent and the Warrior, but has not had any carriers since 1970 when the Bonaventure, shown in the photo below, was decommissioned). Having said that, this study is not about Canadian politics, it's about hypocrites, of which the Bible has a lot to say.

What Does "Free" Mean?

The Bonaventure

Canada's "free" health care system is often used as a shining example of a caring, compassionate society. And it is. But who pays for the "free" medical and hospital care that every citizen has the right to, whether they are poor (who should have free health care) or wealthy? The taxpayers, obviously, but what taxpayers? Canadian taxpayers, right? Well, yes, but not quite. American taxpayers are indirectly subsidizing Canada's "free" health care system.

In order to allocate such a large portion of the government budget to "free" health care, the money must not be spent on other things. Since the 1960s, that has mostly meant large reductions in Canada's national defense funding. And that is where the hypocrisy comes in.

Many people in this country speak of how much better they think the Canadian health care system is, in terms of "free" access for all, than the US system (despite the much longer waits in Canada than in the US - it may be "free," but many Canadians have died while awaiting their turn, for example, for heart or cancer surgery). But what they ignore is that the military cutbacks that make Canada's "free" health care system possible are only made possible because Canada is freeloading off the US for national defense. I will say it again, freeloading, and it is a disgrace that has been permitted to happen for far too long. It's being done by Liberal politicians who are hypocrites, who often criticize the US military, while freeloading (well, I guess I said it again, so why not once more, freeloading) off of the US military to protect Canada's sovereignty.

If you happen to be an American (about 60% of Daily Bible Study readers are people in the US), the next time you hear some smug Canadian, or Ralph Nader, brag about the "free" Canadian health care system, ask him or her who's protecting Canadian sovereignty to make that "free" health care possible (Americans buying prescription drugs in Canada is unrelated to this; the lower drug prices are simply due to drug price controls in Canada, which do not exist in the US - the reason that Americans can buy the very same prescription drug in Canada for much less than in the US, even if the drug was manufactured in the US to begin with). You might even use the word freeloader in your question, you have every right to do so. Tell them even Wayne said it, and he's a very patriotic Canuck, "eh"? That is, unless the present-day Liberal hypocrites are run out of office and this nation stands on its own two feet again, as a strong, dependable and uncompromisingly-independent ally of the United States, not a freeloader military parasite of the United States.

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