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Proof Of Answered Prayer

This prayer request was received by our Daily Bible Study Prayer Requests about a month ago:

Please pray for my cousin, Jeanne Giese from Fond Du Lac, WI. She's 14 and a month ago was scratched by a bat in their church while attempting to take it outside. It didn't break the skin and they didn't think it was serious until a few weeks ago half of her body was going numb. Yesterday, after testing, they found out she has rabies and the doctors are giving her 3 weeks to live. I know the power God has and how he loves to heal his children. Please lift her up in prayer and believe in a total healing for Jeanne! She is in a children's hospital in Milwaukee in the Pediatric ICU. God bless you all and your ministry and thank you.

We are very happy to report from the news today (November 25 2004) that:

"A teenage girl has become the first known person to survive rabies without a vaccination, say doctors. A team at the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin used an experimental treatment on 15-year-old Jeanna Giese. She was admitted to hospital last month with advanced symptoms of the disease after being bitten by an infected bat at a church in September."

The complete BBC news report can be read (as of November 25 2004) at Girl survives rabies

Prayer Makes A Difference

There is no doubt that the girl's survival is due to the heroic efforts of the medical staff who treated her. But without taking anything away from those excellent doctors and medical staff, doctors have been making heroic efforts as long as there have been doctors. There is sometimes more to it, as would seem obvious in this case in which the doctors themselves gave the girl only weeks to live from an infection that no one has ever survived once symptoms appear. There was more to it, beginning with people like her cousin who sent that prayer request. His faith, and the faith of all who prayed with him, not just at Daily Bible Study, but everywhere else who also "know the power God has and how he loves to heal his children" (as her cousin stated it, in no uncertain terms, see his prayer request above) gave extra power, God's power to those doctors and medical staff.

We hope, we pray, that the young lady's recovery will continue, as God wills. Never let up until the victory is complete - and then pray even more to give thanks to God from Whom all good things come.

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Matthew 17:20

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