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Which "Church" Should I Attend?

The title of this study is actually a question that people send to me continuously now. For many of those who seriously study the Word of God, it's a natural question, perhaps even an inevitable question. Some of those who write have no church association yet, but many others do have a church that, as they've discovered with their own two eyes, has glaring doctrinal differences with what is plainly written in the authoritative Word of God. It can be a confusing and distressing situation. I know and understand their feelings very well. I was raised as a Roman Catholic (including 4 years in a Catholic school) but have had nothing to do with the Church of Rome for over 25 years, ever since (thanks to a man in California) I began to base my Christian beliefs solely on the pure Word of God, not the word of any man.

Holy Bible The irony of so many people asking me that "which church" question is that it was my own asking of that very same question that caused me to begin my own daily Bible study. That's where the title of this ministry (others began calling it a ministry before I ever did) came from. "Daily Bible Study" was simply the name of the directory on the computer where I stored my daily Bible study notes over 10 years ago - study notes that so many other people now read every day. I did not intend to create a ministry that many people all around the world now visit every minute, every hour of the day, every day of the week - the server now has over a million hits per week. I was merely looking for the Truth of what God actually says - as you obviously are as well if you are interested in the Holy Bible. Why else are you studying it?

As many have discovered for themselves, the "churches" of Christianity, or rather the churches of Christian-professing people, are so divided in their man-made doctrines that many denominations of Christianity are actually more like different religions than just disagreeing branches of the same religion. That's why so many people have a need to ask that question, just as I did. Based on God's definition of Church (isn't that the only definition that's worth anything?), not man's definition, I did find that "church" that I was looking for because I found you - if you are someone who truly lives according to what the Word of God actually says.

The "Church of God," as God's Word defines it (the actual Greek word of the Scriptures that is translated as "church" is pronounced ek-lay-sia and means those called) are those who truly live by His Word. That's all that church truly means. Whether or not they know each other, or even know of each other, is totally irrelevant to them being the church - not being "in" the church, but being the church. And I can assure you that God's Church is alive and well all around the world. I know that now because I hear from the church, people that I have never met, but who, after reading what they say, I feel that I know very well because we are together, we are one, because we have our beliefs and live our lives based on God's Word, nothing more, nothing less.

Which brings us back to the question that people ask, "which church teaches what you do?" The answer? The Church of God, the people of God, the people who truly live by the Word of God. If you do that, then you are, not already just in the Church of God, but you are a living part of the Church of God. The Church of God isn't something that you join; it's something that you are, if you truly live by God's Word.

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