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What Is A Halo?

The photograph below is that of an actual sunset. It's very easy and plain to see that it's the sun, isn't it.


The word "halo" originated from a Greek word that simply meant the sun, or the sun's disk. By literal definition, the photograph above, of the sun, is a halo.

The pre-Christian Romans named their sun-god Helios and eventually began using the halo in their art, including of their "divine" emperors. When the Romans created their false version of Christianity, they carried over their use of the halo into supposedly Christian images whereby people eventually lost sight of what they were actually looking at.

Below you can see a Roman "Christian" image in which the people all have a "halo," the sun, behind their heads. If you didn't already, do you now understand what a pagan halo really is?


Fact Finder: When sun-worshipping pagan Romans professed conversion to Christianity, they introduced the halo into Christian imagery. What other sun-worship doctrine did they infiltrate into professed Christianity?
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