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Diotrephes And The Other Antichrists

Unlike all of the self-serving "Christian" churches that have been created by humans (that are variously named after people, places or the method that the members choose to call themselves Christian), the Church of God truly has Jesus Christ as the founder and leader.

"1:12 Giving thanks unto the Father, which hath made us meet to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints in light: 1:13 Who hath delivered us from the power of darkness, and hath translated us into the kingdom of his dear Son: 1:14 In whom we have redemption through his blood, even the forgiveness of sins: 1:15 Who is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of every creature: 1:16 For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him, and for him: 1:17 And he is before all things, and by him all things consist. 1:18 And he is the head of the body, the church: who is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead; that in all things he might have the preeminence." (Colossians 1:12-18 KJV)

"Beloved, follow not that which is evil"

The Holy Scriptures have many warning examples of what happens when humans pompously assume themselves to be in the place of Christ in God's Church. The apostle John was a leader (by righteous example and teaching) among the brothers and sisters of Christ (not "the head" of, or "ahead" of, other Christians, because only Christ "is the head of the body, the church," as quoted above). John was a leader, not a lorder - someone who bullies his fellow Christians (although those who do that stop being true Christians) into agreeing with and obeying him. An example of that was Diotrephes "who loveth to have the preeminence." Consider the Satan-pleasing damage that Diotrephes did with that sort of selfish arrogance.

The Holy Scriptures

"1:9 I wrote unto the church: but Diotrephes, who loveth to have the preeminence among them, receiveth us not. 1:10 Wherefore, if I come, I will remember his deeds which he doeth, prating against us with malicious words: and not content therewith, neither doth he himself receive the brethren, and forbiddeth them that would, and casteth them out of the church.

1:11 Beloved, follow not that which is evil, but that which is good. He that doeth good is of God: but he that doeth evil hath not seen God. 1:12 Demetrius hath good report of all men, and of the truth itself: yea, and we also bear record; and ye know that our record is true." (3 John 1:9-12 KJV)

Diotrephes is an example of what happens when someone disobeys Christ's teachings inside a Christian group, thereby making themselves antichrist from within. But consider also what can happen when such people leave in order to teach their own self-serving perversions of Christianity - they all become "a deceiver and an antichrist."

"1:6 And this is love, that we walk after his commandments. This is the commandment, That, as ye have heard from the beginning, ye should walk in it.

1:7 For many deceivers are entered into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an antichrist. 1:8 Look to yourselves, that we lose not those things which we have wrought, but that we receive a full reward. 1:9 Whosoever transgresseth, and abideth not in the doctrine of Christ, hath not God. He that abideth in the doctrine of Christ, he hath both the Father and the Son. 1:10 If there come any unto you, and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into your house, neither bid him God speed: 1:11 For he that biddeth him God speed is partaker of his evil deeds." (2 John 1:6-11 KJV)

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