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God's Fashion

The English word "fashion" originated from an Old French word, fachon, which itself originated from a Latin word, factio, which meant to make. Interestingly, the words fact and fake, although opposite in meaning, originated from that same Latin word, as did a perhaps even more surprising number of other words, such as affect, affair, counterfeit (which in "effect" means "counter fact"), defeat ("de-fact"), difficult, faculty (people with "facts") and profit ("to make a profit" is a repetition in terms because "profit" itself means "to make"). In the English usage, as well as in the Biblical Hebrew and Greek, "fashion" can be good or bad, depending upon the intent and purpose of what is made.

The King James Version uses "fashion" to translate a number of different Hebrew and Greek words of the Holy Scriptures, including:

  • the Hebrew word, pronounced mish-pawt, which means verdict, or decision

  • the Hebrew word, pronounced dem-ooth, which means a resemblance

  • the Hebrew word, pronounced koon, which means to set up

  • the Greek word, pronounced tek-oo-naw, which means to equip

  • the Greek word, pronounced i-dos, which means appearance

  • the Greek word, pronounced too-pos, which means a shape

  • the Greek word, pronounced skhay-mah, which means a figure, whether of an object or a thought

  • the Greek word, pronounced pros-o-pon, which means appearance or view

"Thy hands have made me and fashioned me: give me understanding, that I may learn Thy Commandments"

Foolish skeptics of God's Word doubt that Noah would have known how to build such a massive vessel, but Noah wasn't the designer of the ark - the LORD was, with His instructions to Noah "this is the fashion which thou shalt make it of." Interestingly, but hardly surprisingly, the length to width ratio and calculated draft of Noah's ark are well comparable to "scientifically" designed ships by naval architects today, some of whom even admit that the ark's dimensions and low center of gravity would have surely made it much more stable and resistant to capsizing in rough seas than most present-day ships. Noah and all on board had a very smooth ride through the raging waters.

Noah's Ark

"6:13 And God said unto Noah, The end of all flesh is come before me; for the earth is filled with violence [which means violation; see Violence] through them; and, behold, I will destroy them with the earth [see The Floods Brought By Christ]. 6:14 Make thee an ark of gopher wood; rooms shalt thou make in the ark, and shalt pitch it within and without with pitch.

6:15 And this is the fashion which thou shalt make it of: The length of the ark shall be three hundred cubits, the breadth of it fifty cubits, and the height of it thirty cubits. 6:16 A window shalt thou make to the ark, and in a cubit shalt thou finish it above; and the door of the ark shalt thou set in the side thereof; with lower, second, and third stories shalt thou make it." (Genesis 6:13-16 KJV)

The LORD (see 'Before Abraham Was, I AM') gave Moses (see also The Prophets: Moses) the detailed instructions in how to fashion the Tabernacle and all of its articles, including the Ark of the Covenant (see also Raiders Of The Lost Ark).

"26:30 And thou shalt rear up the tabernacle [see also God's Tent] according to the fashion thereof which was showed thee in the mount." (Exodus 26:30 KJV)

"37:19 Three bowls made after the fashion of almonds in one branch, a knop and a flower; and three bowls made like almonds in another branch, a knop and a flower: so throughout the six branches going out of the candlestick." (Exodus 37:19 KJV)

Amazingly, while Moses was up on Mount Sinai (see also The Mount Sinai Prophecy) receiving the instructions from the LORD for how to fashion the Holy things, the people took it upon themselves to fashion an idol.

"32:1 And when the people saw that Moses delayed to come down out of the mount, the people gathered themselves together unto Aaron, and said unto him, Up, make us gods, which shall go before us; for as for this Moses, the man that brought us up out of the land of Egypt, we wot not what is become of him.

32:2 And Aaron said unto them, Break off the golden earrings, which are in the ears of your wives, of your sons, and of your daughters, and bring them unto me. 32:3 And all the people brake off the golden earrings which were in their ears, and brought them unto Aaron. 32:4 And he received them at their hand, and fashioned it with a graving tool, after he had made it a molten calf: and they said, These be thy gods, O Israel, which brought thee up out of the land of Egypt. 32:5 And when Aaron saw it, he built an altar before it; and Aaron made proclamation, and said, To morrow is a feast to the LORD.

32:6 And they rose up early on the morrow, and offered burnt offerings, and brought peace offerings; and the people sat down to eat and to drink, and rose up to play." (Exodus 32:1-6 KJV)

King Solomon (see Israelite Monarchy - The United Kingdom) built the Temple in Jerusalem "according to all the fashion of it" that the LORD gave to him.

"6:37 In the fourth year was the foundation of the house of the LORD laid, in the month Zif: 6:38 And in the eleventh year, in the month Bul, which is the eighth month, was the house finished throughout all the parts thereof, and according to all the fashion of it. So was he seven years in building it." (1 Kings 6:37-38 KJV)

Later, the kings of Judah fashioned their own things for the Temple.

"16:10 And king Ahaz [see Ahaz Of Judah] went to Damascus to meet Tiglathpileser king of Assyria, and saw an altar that was at Damascus: and king Ahaz sent to Urijah the priest the fashion of the altar, and the pattern of it, according to all the workmanship thereof. 16:11 And Urijah the priest built an altar according to all that king Ahaz had sent from Damascus: so Urijah the priest made it against king Ahaz came from Damascus." (1 Kings 16:10-11 KJV)

Many things can be "fashioned," which simply means make - which in the case of idols is to mock the Maker. Worthless idols are fashioned by those who "see not, nor know" the Law of God.

"44:9 They that make a graven image are all of them vanity; and their delectable things shall not profit; and they are their own witnesses; they see not, nor know; that they may be ashamed. 44:10 Who hath formed a god, or molten a graven image that is profitable for nothing? 44:11 Behold, all his fellows shall be ashamed: and the workmen, they are of men: let them all be gathered together, let them stand up; yet they shall fear, and they shall be ashamed together.

44:12 The smith with the tongs both worketh in the coals, and fashioneth it with hammers, and worketh it with the strength of his arms: yea, he is hungry, and his strength faileth: he drinketh no water, and is faint. 44:13 The carpenter stretcheth out his rule; he marketh it out with a line; he fitteth it with planes, and he marketh it out with the compass, and maketh it after the figure of a man, according to the beauty of a man; that it may remain in the house." (Isaiah 44:9-13 KJV)

Humans were fashioned, made, by God. How bizarre it is then that some of those who were fashioned then fashion for themselves things which deny the God that fashioned them to begin with, "Shall the clay say to him that fashioneth it, What makest thou?"

"119:72 The law of thy mouth is better unto me than thousands of gold and silver. 119:73 Thy hands have made me and fashioned me: give me understanding, that I may learn thy commandments." (Psalm 119:72-73 KJV)

"45:9 Woe unto him that striveth with his Maker! Let the potsherd strive with the potsherds of the earth. Shall the clay say to him that fashioneth it, What makest thou? or thy work, He hath no hands? 45:10 Woe unto him that saith unto his father, What begettest thou? or to the woman, What hast thou brought forth?" (Isaiah 45:9-10 KJV)

The Son of God was fashioned, made, "in the likeness of men" as we are now, in order that those who accept and obey Him may eventually be fashioned, made, "like unto his glorious body" as He is now.

"2:7 But made himself of no reputation, and took upon him the form of a servant, and was made in the likeness of men: 2:8 And being found in fashion as a man, he humbled himself, and became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross." (Philippians 2:7-8 KJV)

"3:20 For our conversation is in heaven; from whence also we look for the Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ: 3:21 Who shall change our vile body, that it may be fashioned like unto his glorious body, according to the working whereby he is able even to subdue all things unto himself." (Philippians 3:20-21 KJV)

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