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Sunday, February 26 2017

The Immigrants Who Created The Messiah's Israelites

"Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee"

Abraham and his wife Sarah were born in what is today Iraq (see A Biography Of Abraham: The Genealogy Of Abram and A Biography Of Abraham: From Ur To Canaan). If Abraham and Sarah had national birth certificates, they would be Iraqi.

After Abraham and Sarah immigrated to the land of Canaan (the nation of Israel was over 4 centuries in the future when Abraham and Sarah lived), their son Isaac was born (see A Biography Of Abraham: Isaac). If Isaac had a national birth certificate, it would be Canaanite.

A Woman Of Ramala When the time came for Isaac to marry, a wife, Rebekah, was found for him in Syria (see The Marriage of Isaac and Rebekah). If Rebekah had a national birth certificate, it would be Syrian.

Isaac and Rebekah's son Jacob, who the LORD renamed as "Israel" when he was a middle-aged man on his Syrian journey (see A Biography Of Jacob: When Jacob Became Israel), was born in the land of Canaan. If Jacob had a national birth certificate, it would be Canaanite.

Jacob fled to his mother's country of birth, Syria, to escape his brother Esau's deadly wrath (see A Biography Of Jacob: The Birthright and A Biography Of Jacob: The Blessing). During the over 20 years that he lived in Syria, Jacob married 4 Syrian women, Rachel, Leah, Bilhah and Zilpah, who became the mothers of the twelve Israelite patriarchs and Jacob's only daughter (see Dinah) - including Judah, who was born in Syria and who spoke the Syrian language as his mother tongue (see A Biography Of Jacob: The Jacobites Of Syria and The Syrian Tongue Of Jesus).

"35:23 The sons of Leah; Reuben, Jacob's firstborn, and Simeon, and Levi, and Judah, and Issachar, and Zebulun:

35:24 The sons of Rachel; Joseph, and Benjamin:

35:25 And the sons of Bilhah, Rachel's handmaid; Dan, and Naphtali:

35:26 And the sons of Zilpah, Leah's handmaid; Gad, and Asher:

these are the sons of Jacob, which were born to him in Padanaram." (Genesis 35:23-26 KJV)

Judah, the progenitor of the Jews ("Jew" is merely an abbreviation of Judah) became the most-familiar of the Israelite patriarchs. But, ironically, Judah himself was a foreign-born immigrant to the land that centuries later became known as Israel. Even more ironically, Judah's wives, from whom all genetic Jews can trace their ancestry, were native-born citizens of Canaan. The mothers of the Jews were natural-born Canaanites, while Judah was a foreign-born immigrant whose descendants later claimed the land as their own (see The First Jews).

"38:2 And Judah saw there a daughter of a certain Canaanite, whose name was Shuah; and he took her, and went in unto her. 38:3 And she conceived, and bare a son; and he called his name Er. 38:4 And she conceived again, and bare a son; and she called his name Onan. 38:5 And she yet again conceived, and bare a son; and called his name Shelah: and he was at Chezib, when she bare him." (Genesis 38:2-5 KJV)

Later, while in Egypt, the Israelite patriarch Joseph married an Egyptian woman, with whom they had 2 sons, Ephraim and Manasseh. If Ephraim and Manasseh had national birth certificates, they would be Egyptian.

Jacob / Israel adopted his two grandsons, Ephraim and Manasseh, as sons - thereby making them also the patriarchs of two Israelite tribes (see The Adoption Of Ephraim and Manasseh).

"48:3 And Jacob said unto Joseph, God Almighty appeared unto me at Luz in the land of Canaan, and blessed me, 48:4 And said unto me, Behold, I will make thee fruitful, and multiply thee, and I will make of thee a multitude of people; and will give this land to thy seed after thee for an everlasting possession. 48:5 And now thy two sons, Ephraim and Manasseh, which were born unto thee in the land of Egypt before I came unto thee into Egypt, are mine; as Reuben and Simeon, they shall be mine." (Genesis 48:3-5 KJV)

Fact Finder: Who was the foreign-born immigrant woman who became a key ancestor of King David - and of Jesus Christ?
See The Marriage Of Boaz and Ruth


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This Day In History

This Day In History, February 26

364: Valentinian I was proclaimed the Emperor of Rome (see also Who Were Valentine And Cupid?).

1266: The Battle of Benevento. Charles, Count of Anjou, defeated German and Sicilian forces under King Manfred of Sicily. Manfred died in the battle; Pope Clement IV the proclaimed Charles as king of Sicily and Naples (see also Emperors and Popes and Constantine's Crusades In History And Prophecy).

1443: Alfonso of Aragon entered Rome, where he later became king.

1616: The Roman Catholic "Inquisition" delivered an injunction to Galileo to stop correctly teaching that the Earth orbited the Sun.


1658: The Treaty of Roskilde. After a decisive defeat during the Northern Wars (1655-1661), the King of Denmark-Norway lost almost half his territory to Sweden.

1797: One-pound and two-pound notes were first used in England.

1815: Napoleon Bonaparte departed from the island of Elba with 1,200 followers. Within 3 weeks, France rallied to its former emperor but his last hope of keeping his crown ended in Belgium with the Battle of Waterloo in June. The British government subsequently banished Napoleon to the island of St. Helena where he died in 1821 at age 52 (see also Russia Or Europe - Who Has Been The Invader?).


1832: The Polish constitution was abolished and replaced by one imposed by Czar Nicholas I.

1848: The Second French Republic was proclaimed after the abdication of King Louis-Philippe.

1848: Karl Marx and Frederich Engels published their The Communist Manifesto philosophy. Marx and Engels were both wealthy liberals who sought political power for themselves through the support of the workers that they claimed to represent. It was a political experiment that by the late twentieth century had been proven as a dismal failure that actually enslaved the workers that it promised to "liberate."

1867: The British House of Lords passed the British North America Act, establishing Canada as an independent nation.

1901: The leaders of the Boxer Rebellion in China, Chi-hsui and Hsu Cheng-yu, were beheaded in public.

1914: Britannic, sister ship to the famous Titanic, was launched at a shipyard in Belfast. Britannic was sunk by a mine in 1916 while serving as a hospital ship during the First World War (1914-1918).

1915: Flame throwers were used in battle for the first time when the Germans used them against the French at Malancourt.

1933: Construction began for the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

1935: RADAR (RAdio Detection And Ranging) was first demonstrated by Robert Watson-Watt of Britain.

1936: Adolf Hitler (see also What Did A Father Of Democracy Predict About It? and The Terrorist Attack That Enabled Hitler To Become A Dictator) opened the first factory for the manufacture of his design of a National Socialist Party (NAZI) "People's Car," (in German, Volkswagen).


1952: Winston Churchill announced that Britain had its own atomic bomb (see also Who Would Throw A Nuclear Boomerang?).

1969: Levi Eshkol, Israeli prime minister from 1963, died. He was succeeded by Golda Meir.

1972: The Soviet Union recovered Luna 20 which had returned with a cargo of moon rocks.

1980: Egypt and Israel established diplomatic relations, ending 30 years of war between the two nations.

1993: A terrorist bomb severely damaged the World Trade Center buildings in New York. 6 people were killed and more than 1,000 injured.

1995: The London finance House of Barings collapsed after huge losses were run up in Singapore by a single rogue trader.




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