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Thursday, December 7 2017

Hometowns: Hebron

"Jacob came unto Isaac his father unto Mamre, unto the city of Arbah, which is Hebron, where Abraham and Isaac sojourned ... And unto David were sons born in Hebron"

Hebron is located directly south of Jerusalem (see the study series beginning with A History Of Jerusalem: In The Beginning) and Bethlehem (see The Bethlehem Shepherds Prophecy and A Biography Of Jesus Christ: How Long In Bethlehem?) on a main road to Beersheba (see The Wells Of Beersheba).

Although in a shallow valley, Hebron is actually about 915 meters / 3,000 feet above sea level (i.e. which includes the Mediterranean Sea) and about 1,300 meters / 4,300 feet above the Dead Sea (see What Does The Bible Call The Dead Sea?) which is located just to the east (see the map below). As such, Hebron's location was a primary factor in its role in Biblical history.


Hebron was Abraham's settlement home for many years (see Biblical Eras: From Abram And Sarai To Abraham And Sarah), as it was for Isaac (see Biblical Eras: Isaac - The Beginning Of Abraham's Messianic Line) and Jacob (see Biblical Eras: Jacobites To Israelites).

"13:18 Then Abram removed his tent, and came and dwelt in the plain of Mamre, which is in Hebron, and built there an altar unto the LORD." (Genesis 13:18 KJV)

"35:27 And Jacob came unto Isaac his father unto Mamre, unto the city of Arbah, which is Hebron, where Abraham and Isaac sojourned." (Genesis 35:27 KJV)

Abraham, and his son Isaac, and his grandson Jacob / Israel and their wives Sarah (see Sarah's Cave), Rebekah (see The Marriage of Isaac and Rebekah) and Leah (see The Mothers Of The Patriarchs: Leah), are today buried in the family tomb at Hebron.

"49:30 In the cave that is in the field of Machpelah, which is before Mamre, in the land of Canaan, which Abraham bought with the field of Ephron the Hittite for a possession of a buryingplace. 49:31 There they buried Abraham and Sarah his wife; there they buried Isaac and Rebekah his wife; and there I buried Leah." (Genesis 49:30-31 KJV)

"50:12 And his sons did unto him according as he commanded them: 50:13 For his sons carried him into the land of Canaan, and buried him in the cave of the field of Machpelah, which Abraham bought with the field for a possession of a buryingplace of Ephron the Hittite, before Mamre." (Genesis 50:12-13 KJV)


In the time of Joshua, Hebron was given to Caleb for his faithfulness and obedience to the LORD (see Caleb's Hebron).

"14:13 And Joshua blessed him, and gave unto Caleb the son of Jephunneh Hebron for an inheritance. 14:14 Hebron therefore became the inheritance of Caleb the son of Jephunneh the Kenezite unto this day, because that he wholly followed the LORD God of Israel. 14:15 And the name of Hebron before was Kirjatharba; which Arba was a great man among the Anakims. And the land had rest from war." (Joshua 14:13-15 KJV)

King David had many children, most of who were born in Hebron during the civil war years (see Biblical Eras: The First Kings and The Civil War), or in Jerusalem after David had captured Jerusalem and made it into an Israelite city (see the Fact Finder question below).

The children of David who called Hebron their home town:

"3:1 Now there was long war between the house of Saul and the house of David: but David waxed stronger and stronger, and the house of Saul waxed weaker and weaker. 3:2 And unto David were sons born in Hebron: and his firstborn was Amnon, of Ahinoam the Jezreelitess; 3:3 And his second, Chileab, of Abigail the wife of Nabal the Carmelite; and the third, Absalom the son of Maacah the daughter of Talmai king of Geshur; 3:4 And the fourth, Adonijah the son of Haggith; and the fifth, Shephatiah the son of Abital; 3:5 And the sixth, Ithream, by Eglah David's wife. These were born to David in Hebron." (2 Samuel 3:1-5 KJV)

Fact Finder: How is it that Hebron was an Israelite city long before Jerusalem became an Israelite city?
See Why Did The Jews Burn Jerusalem? and When Was Jerusalem The Capital Of The United Kingdom?

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This Day In History, December 7

43 BC: Marcus Tullius, known as Cicero, statesman and writer, remembered as Rome's greatest thinker and writer, had his head and right hand chopped off by Mark Antony's soldiers. Mark Antony and Cleopatra (see The Cleopatra Connection and A Biography Of Jesus Christ: The Years In Cleopatra's Egypt) were later defeated by Octavian, who, later known as Caesar Augustus, declared the census that caused the fulfillment of the prophecy that the Messiah was to be born in Bethlehem (see The Roman Emperors: Augustus and Does Rome Have Christ's Birth Certificate?).


983: German King Otto III ascended to the throne of the "Holy Roman Empire" (see The Holy Roman Empire Of The German Nation). Considering himself to be a Roman emperor, Otto crowned his cousin Bruno as Pope Gregory V (see Emperors and Popes).

1729: 3,000,000 acres of land in Ontario was surrendered by Native Americans of the Mississauga tribe (see also The First Chinese American War). The city of Mississauga, adjacent to Toronto, is named after the Mississauga people.

1815: Michel Ney, one of Napoleon's marshals, was executed by firing squad for alleged treason.

1817: British naval officer William Bligh died in London at age 63. He is best-known as the captain of the Bounty when its infamous mutiny (by homesick sissies and rebel-minded misfits) occurred in 1789.

William Bligh

1916: Herbert Asquith resigned as British Prime Minister and was replaced by David Lloyd George, the war secretary, with a commitment to wage all-out war on Germany (listen to our Sermon The European World Wars).

1931: Adolf Hitler's Nazis announced that they would ensure "Nordic dominance" in Germany by sterilizing "mongrel" races (see Presidential Quotes On War, Terrorism, Religion; also The Character Assassins and The Terrorist Attack That Enabled Hitler To Become A Dictator).

1941: Japanese forces made a surprise attack on the U.S. military base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. 2,334 U.S. servicemen were killed, 4 battleships and 188 planes were destroyed. The attack on Pearl Harbor was one of many near-simultaneous attacks carried out by the Japanese navy on British, Dutch, Australian and U.S. bases and colonies all across the Pacific (see also Why Was Korea Divided Into North And South?).

Attack On Pearl Harbor

1941: Canada declared war on Japan. The Canadian action came only hours after the Japanese attack on U.S. and British bases and colonies in the Pacific. The declaration made Canada the first of the western allies to officially enter a state of war with Japan (Canada was already at war with Germany, having entered the Second World War with Britain at the start of the conflict in September 1939). The U.S., Britain and the other allied countries declared war the next day.

1945: The Microwave oven was patented.

1953: David Ben Gurion, who had been Prime Minister of Israel (see Israel In History and Prophecy: Israel Of Judah) since its foundation in 1948, resigned to retire.

1965: Pope Paul VI and Orthodox Patriarch Athenagoras I simultaneously lifted the excommunications on each other that caused the division of the Eastern and Western churches of Rome in 1054.

1970: West Germany and Poland signed a pact renouncing the use of force to settle disputes, recognizing the Oder-Neisse River as Poland's western frontier, and acknowledging the transfer to Poland of 40,000 square miles of former German territory.

1988: In Armenia, an earthquake measuring 6.9 on the Richter scale killed more than 25,000 people.

1993: The U.S. government said that it had concealed 204 nuclear blasts at its Nevada test site, more than one-fifth of total tests, to keep the Soviet Union in the dark about the U.S. arsenal of weapons of mass destruction (see also Who Would Throw A Nuclear Boomerang?).

Nuclear Bomb

2003: The Conservative Party of Canada came into existence after the merger of the Canadian Alliance and Progressive Conservative Party of Canada.


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