Wayne Blank

For those who want to do their part, so that we can do our part...

Some of our readers and listeners have expressed their Christian desire to donate to this Holy Bible teaching ministry ("ministry" means service). Some have even insisted upon it, in recognition and obedience to the Biblical Law (which we do not oppose or refute) of supporting the publication ("make public") of the True Gospel of the coming Kingdom of God.

In response to their requests, we will very gratefully accept such freewill help from those who want to be a contributor to this Work of the True Gospel that is being made freely available to everyone, everywhere. We deeply appreciate those who want to be such an active member of our worldwide congregation of Bible-based Believers. True friends are very precious in this present world.

Why help?

This Daily Bible Study is now the product of over 20 years of dedicated work by just one man. All of that written and recorded labor is freely provided online to everyone who wishes to make good use of it:

  • Over 7,500 written and published studies, with 1 new study added each day, every day of every year (each detailed and illustrated study takes 6 to 10 hours of work to research, write and publish online)
  • Over 760 audio sermons (each 60 to 90 minutes in length), with 1 new sermon added each week, plus sermons for all of the Holy Days every year (each Sermon takes 7 to 10 hours of notes preparation, recording and technical work to load onto our servers)
  • Hundreds of free Bible maps
  • Hundreds of free photographs and illustrations
  • Christian hymns recorded on piano

Your donations, tithes, or offerings to help us keep this work online is gratefully accepted. God bless you!

Daily Bible Study is produced by Key-Way Publishing which was established to provide our three Internet web servers.

If you have any questions, send an email to pathfinder@keyway.ca for a prompt reply.

Donations can be securely made online with the PayPal service (simply click the button below and insert the amount that you wish to donate) or with check or money order by postal mail (see Make A Donation By Postal Mail).