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By Wayne Blank

Current Events

Xi Jinping warns Hong Kong over sovereignty 'red line'

Merkel: We must guard Helmut Kohl's legacy

Barack Obama urges world to stand against 'aggressive nationalism'

Global cyberattack intent on havoc, not extortion: researchers

Pope Francis replaces critical theologian Gerhard Ludwig Muller

Canada 150: Huge crowd celebrate nation's anniversary

Prince Charles, Camilla celebrate Canada 150 in Ottawa

Prosperous, classy and cold: Why Canada is the Scandinavia of the Western Hemisphere

From boring to hip: Canada's changing international reputation

Arkansas nightclub shooting leaves many wounded

Poll finds that 60% of Britons want to keep their EU citizenship

Will Russian army base return to Cuba?

Australia launches free trade negotiations with Pacific Alliance

Israel thwarts major cyberattack: official

China issues 'map' to claim Indian troops' 'incursion' in Sikkim sector

The blessings and curses of Israel's 1967 victory

IDF strikes Syrian targets after two projectiles hit Israel within an hour

The Western Wall crisis: Its causes and its consequences

Netanyahu risks religious ire to take part in Shabbat memorial to German leader

Defiant Trump resumes attacks on 'Morning Joe' hosts, despite bipartisan criticism

Britain Investigates After U.K. Lawmakers Hit by Possible Cyber Security Attack

Palestinian sources: Trump may drop Israeli-Palestinian peace talks

Israel vows to react 'powerfully' to errant fire from Syria

Egypt's Sisi ratifies Red Sea islands handover to Saudi Arabia

Benjamin Netanyahu to attend Central European summit

Marc Thiessen: America is on its way to divorce court

China landslide: 15 dead, over 100 missing in Sichuan

Schwarzenegger and Macron join forces in swipe at Trump

Andrew Scheer distances himself from Kellie Leitch's Syrian refugee tweet

NASCAR’s first Israeli driver is on the fast track to success

Is Mexico the world's second most dangerous country, as Trump says? That depends

South of the border, US expats have a different take on Mexico

CIA director says leaks are on the rise, cites 'worship' of leakers like Snowden

Carrier workers facing layoffs feel betrayed by Trump

U.S. Military's Vital 'Doomsday Planes' Damaged in Tornado

Hezbollah says future Israel war could draw fighters from Iran, Iraq

Netanyahu to beef up security at Damascus Gate

Vladimir Putin ordered Russian hackers to help elect Donald Trump, says explosive new report

Facing Putin, Trump will confront complex swirl of controversy

Can the Supreme Court straighten out America's Goofy-shaped democracy?

Another Hollywood star 'joked' about killing Trump, but no one's laughing

Brexit talks 'will not consume EU', Angela Merkel warns Britain

Hundreds of London residents evacuated over fire safety concerns

Russian warships launch missiles at IS

Toronto-born son of Russian spies has Canadian citizenship restored

White House: Qatar Gulf row is a 'family issue'

Mexican president denies spying on journalists, lawyers and activists

Clooney's $1 billion tequila windfall shows the true power of celebrity

Accused of carrying beef, teen killed on train

Surge of Muslim visitors during Ramadan emphasizes Acre's Arab identity

With cameras banned, CNN sends sketch artist to White House briefing

George Orwell's son says his father's '1984' was 'prescient'

The incredible true story of the man who almost killed Hitler

Gaza power plant back on, with help of alliance of old foes

North Korea calls Trump a 'psychopath'

Canadian elite special forces sniper makes record-breaking kill shot in Iraq

China to compile historical data about South China Sea

Jonathan Kay on the tyranny of Twitter: How mob censure is changing the intellectual landscape

Brexit: Theresa May promises to let 3 million EU citizens stay in UK

Donald Trump wins standing ovation at rally for proposing immigration law that already exists

More than half of Americans want stricter gun laws, Pew study finds

Russia's View: US/ISIS Air Force Shoots Down Syrian Aircraft

Russia's View: Another buzzing incident involving NATO

China donates 100,000 bags of relief food for drought-hit Kenya

U.S. Fails to Shoot Down Ballistic Missile in Test

U.S. punishes U.S. firm after its Canadian subsidiary leases cars to Cuban embassy in Ottawa

Syria conflict: Russia issues warning after US coalition downs jet

'Trump death' in Julius Caesar prompts threats to wrong theatres

Finsbury Park suspect Darren Osborne 'is not a racist', says family

US Supreme Court to rule on gerrymandering

Emmanuel Macron's conquest is complete - what now?

No mention of Trump visit in Queen's scaled-down speech

Friends mourn Hadas Malka, stabbed to death near Old City, as 'a true Wonder Woman'

Palestinians to claim Cave of the Patriarchs as World Heritage Site

Grenfell Tower fire: Met Police confirm 30 dead and 12 remain critical

Grenfell Tower fire caused by faulty fridge on fourth floor, reports suggest

London fire: Queen and Prince William visit Grenfell Tower centre

Islamic State leader Baghdadi 'may have been killed by Russia'

Hard Brexit would be 'utterly mad' and Trump is 'dangerous,' Richard Branson says

Trump thrusts U.S., Cuba back toward hostile relations

New Russia sanctions tear Washington further apart

Canada-U.S. preclearance bill finally moves ahead, but privacy concerns mount over Trump's 'extreme vetting'

Leaked video shows Australian prime minister making fun of Donald Trump: 'I have this Russian guy'

Praised by Trump, costly new aircraft carrier was met with fanfare. But it has issues landing, launching jets

Trump nominates Kelly Knight Craft as the next ambassador to Canada

NHS cyber-attack was 'launched from North Korea'

Donald Trump to announce new restrictions on Cuba trade and travel

The Trump impeachment campaign will hurt American Jewry

Special counsel investigating Jared Kushner

London fire: Twelve dead in Grenfell Tower blaze

'Staggering' loss of civilian life from US-led airstrikes in Raqqa, says UN

Gunman dead after attacking congressmen at Virginia baseball field

San Francisco postal worker kills three in depot shooting

Baltimore Police To Be Put On 12-Hour Shifts, As City Violence Increases

Russian fighter jet intercepts US bomber above the Baltic Sea in newly released video

Russian cyberattack on U.S. election - hitting 39 states - far more widespread than previously known

Five Eyes spies, ministers to discuss digital terror at Ottawa meeting

Russia's cyber trolls attack online as NATO troops gather in Latvia

Egyptian watchdog says authorities blocking more websites

'Actually reading Julius Caesar might help:' sponsors blasted for pulled funding from Trumpian depiction

Britain's political cartoonists hang Theresa May out to dry

Sears Canada's future is in doubt. How did it come to this?

US Nazis plot targeted civilians, nukes and synagogues, federal investigators say

Researchers: We've discovered power-grid-wrecking software

NATO wants Canadians back in Afghanistans

Injured troops will stay in uniform until pension, vet benefits in place: Sajjan

2 U.S. attorneys general file lawsuit against Trump over his business empire

John Carpay: Canadian universities are far too tolerant of obstructionist behaviour that shuts down free speech

Ex-U.S. attorney says Trump phone calls made him uneasy; 22 hours after refusing to take one he was fired

May tells MPs: I got us into this mess and I will get us out

Trump travel ban suffers new court defeat

Greece earthquake hits Lesbos: Tremors felt in Istanbul and Athens

Poll finds nearly half of Americans don't know Trudeau

The end of the Anglo-American order? 'A new world order seems to be emerging, and it's not speaking English'

Is U.S.-U.K. Relationship Still 'Special' After Trump Spats, Shock Vote

Theresa May to enter into 'confidence and supply' arrangement with the Democratic Unionists

Iran arrests seven people over Tehran attacks

Angela Merkel condemns 'putting up walls' during Mexico visit

'This is war': Florida sheriff urges citizens to arm themselves in case of attack

Three US nuclear-capable bombers fly towards Russian border on 'routine' provocation

New court to try suspects of war crimes committed in Kosovo

Amsterdam train station incident 'not terrorism-related', police say

All sailors safe after distress calls in Atlantic

Canada looking at all options for new fighter jet: Sajjan

Afghanistan: US soldiers 'killed by Afghan commando' in Achin district

The artist projecting on to Trump Hotel

Thousands protest in Israel against police killing of Arab man

Comey: Trump White House 'lied' about the FBI

Watergate Echo: Comey calls for release of memos, any recordings of White House conversations

Does Comey's statement give grounds to impeach Trump? The experts' view

China builds largest warships in Asia

Terrorists behind Tehran attacks are Iranian nationals

Canada to increase its military spending by 73%

London attack linked to hate preacher Anjem Choudary's extremist network

London attack: Third terrorist named as Youssef Zaghba from east London

May: I'll rip up human rights laws that impede new terror legislation

Mother Russia, President Putin, the Anti-Christ and World War 3

Russian fighter jet intercepts US B-52 bomber on 'routine mission' approaching Russian border

Russia Or Europe - Who Has Been The Invader?

Netanyahu pledges Israel will never give up Golan Heights

Trump is planting the seeds of long-term foreign policy damage

US to quit UN Human Rights Council if it won’t reform, Haley indicates

Theresa May: Donald Trump wrong to criticise Sadiq Khan

Freeland says Canada needs hard power to support global order

California, China sign climate deal after Trump's Paris exit

Harvard bars students for posting 'obscene memes'

India launches 'monster' rocket

London attack: Theresa May says 'things need to change'

U.S. ignored Canada's advice on Paris climate deal, McKenna says

Internet bristles after May blames unregulated 'cyberspace' following attack

Isolation in the West fuels tech boom in Iran

Qatar row: Five countries cut links with Doha

London attack: Police 'know identities of killers'

London attacks: Mayor Sadiq Khan dismisses Trump criticism

London attack: Macron and Turnbull lead world condemnation


700 US hospitals lost - Cuts threaten rural hospitals 'hanging on by their fingernails'

Antibiotic shortage puts patients at risk, doctors fear

Four H7N9 cases reported in SW China

France confirms case of H5N8 bird flu near Belgium border

Deadly diet: Thai doctors battle cancer-causing fish dish

Congo declares end to Ebola outbreak after 4 deaths

Heavy drinking is aging your cells, says new research

Perfectionism can be deadly

Kratom: Antidote or adversary in Canada's opioid crisis?

UW researchers invent microscope to scan tumors during surgery

Inside the mind of Alex Jones, your classic American conspiracy monger

Pain drove B.C. woman and 'thousands' to street drugs after medication cut off

How to prevent traveller's tummy this summer

Canadian team helps find way to break through armour of dangerous biofilms

Can air conditioners cause sinus congestion?

How much sugar is in a glass of wine?

Six telltale signs of a toxic boss

Texas mom's kids died after she left them in hot car as punishment: authorities

Medical marijuana woos four-legged fans

UN: More than 200,000 suspected cholera cases in Yemen

Don't give up on feeding your kids veggies, say researchers

Kindness is the enemy of extremism

Researchers call for U.S. policies on drugs to be based on neuroscience

Nearly 100 patients died waiting for care from Los Angeles VA

Stanford researchers experiment using photosynthesis to help damaged heart

New marijuana guidelines stress abstinence

Opioid abusers could be 'doctor shopping' with pets, vet warns

In rare display of unity, opposition hammers Trudeau on 'cold-hearted' autism funding decision

World population to hit 9.8 billion by 2050: UN

Heart Transplants: The moment a father hears his dead daughter's heartbeat

Exercise, brain training may boost brain health in old age

Heat wave suffocates American Southwest on 1st day of summer

10-year-old invents device to save children trapped in hot cars

Alcohol responsible for more hospital admissions than heart attacks last year: report

Doctors 'gun shy' to prescribe opioids hurting those in pain, say experts

Hints of some steps that may boost brain health in old age

Breastfeeding may reduce mother's heart attack, stroke risk: study

Aussie researchers trialling chest scans to detect lung cancer in earliest stages

A week of drownings puts spotlight on water safety

Extreme heat: How to spot heat-related illness and what to do

Those with a wandering mind also stray from long-term goals suggests new research

Activity levels of U.S. teens 'alarmingly low' finds new research: Activity levels of 19-year-olds comparable to that of 60-year-olds

Carrie Fisher 'had cocaine' in her system when she died

Artificial intelligence and the coming health revolution

Opioid addiction could be factor in growing number of donor organs: experts

Butting out is good for mental health patients, too

Australian researchers develop world first test for high-risk influenza

Bird flu could spread more easily among humans through 3 mutations: researchers

Legalizing cannabis could offer promise for slashing opioid use, experts say

Study shows unhealthy scepticism about flu shot

One-in-three heater-cooler devices may contain deadly bacteria: study

Coconut oil 'as unhealthy as beef fat and butter'

Despite falling numbers, Britain still has 7.6 million cigarette smokers

Musical Ride horses help build character and confidence for troubled youth

Blood glucose testing offers little value to some Type 2 diabetes patients: study

Drones carrying defibrillators could aid heart emergencies

What you can learn from Einsteins quirky habits

Rapid scoring system could help ER doctors recognize sepsis more quickly

One in 6 Ontarians with autism interacted with police over 18 months: study

Ontario researchers to study dust for carcinogens after Fort McMurray fire

Obesity rising in nations rich and poor, especially in kids

Study suggests link between diet drinks during pregnancy and high birth weight

How ERs fail older patients

Charles Krauthammer: Trump Derangement Syndrome is being fed by the president's own vainglorious impulses

Interracial couples still face hurdles 50 years after Loving decision

One-month sugar detox: A nutritionist explains how and why

Man's best friend helps seniors get active

Mandatory test: Older drivers facing discrimination, says pensioner group

Australian researchers develop treatment to 'arrest growth' of rare breast cancer tumours

Alarming rise in children's resistance to antibiotics

Lessons in Psychiatry: 'Trump nation has carried the notion of a 'deep state' into its fever swamp of paranoia'

Donald Trump has mastered the art of seeming like he's telling the truth

A clearer path to medically assisted death

Extreme cold may affect results from roadside drug-screening devices: report

Viral infections found in UC Berkeley study decreasing muscle health

One in 20 pregnant women with Zika have babies with birth defects: report

How we can stop antibiotic resistance

Therapy could stop superbugs on farms

Could sleeping in on the weekends be bad for you?

Study finds flu shot may not be as effective for obese adults

Drinking non-cow's milk linked to lower height in children

Cholera cases in Yemen pass 100,000

How childhood trauma can have a life-long impact on health

Is whole wheat bread healthier? It depends on the person, study suggests

Australian researchers establish link between children's time use and quality of life

Moderate drinking may alter brain, study says

Drugs score big wins against lung, prostate, breast cancers

At least 2,458 Canadians died from opioid-related overdoses in 2016: report

Family demands apology after police caught on video mocking woman with Down syndrome

China donates anti-malaria medicine to South Sudan

Quickly reporting cancer complications may boost survival: study

Noise pollution and air pollution both have negative effects on heart health: study

Heart emergencies on planes need better treatment, say doctors

Should you eat three big meals or many mini-meals?

Getting too friendly with fowl blamed in salmonella outbreaks

CDC: 14 poisoned by 'death cap' mushrooms in California

How delaying meal times can affect your body clock

Busy brain not letting you sleep? 8 experts offer tips

What snacks to eat for better sleep

Amber teething necklaces pose strangulation risk for babies: study

Stopping internet use can cause physical withdrawal symptoms: study

The healthiest way to improve your sleep: exercise

Ultra-tough antibiotic to fight superbugs

What is botulism, and how does it kill?

Common acne drug can slow progress of MS in people with early symptoms: study

China struggling to end world-leading cigarette habit: study

Scientists find what causes spread of cancer & new way to stop it

Parents allege sunscreen products caused severe reactions

Tobacco causing 'massive harm' to environment: WHO

How an autistic child became world pinball champion

Night phone use makes teenagers depressed: Australian study

More sleep can lead to less chronic pain: study

Century-old fertility technique may reduce need for IVF

Medical journal calls for tighter rules on legal pot to protect young

Human-made chemicals found in higher quantities in deep ocean

Congo approves use of Ebola vaccine to fight outbreaks

A little chocolate each week may help prevent a heart flutter

India reports its first cases of Zika virus

Climate change may harm your sleep: study

Sri Lanka's deadly floods could worsen dengue crisis: NGO

New research finds a 'healthier, but poorer' Israel

Terrorists' moral judgment probed in psychology test

How telling patients of a possible side-effect may make it more likely

U.S. death rates from Alzheimer's disease up 55 pct in 15 years: report

Teens teased about weight twice as likely to become obese: study

Red Cross official says fentanyl a risk; first-aiders can say no to CPR

'Fat and frail' seniors benefit from right exercise combo

Certain nuts linked to reduced risk of colon cancer return: study

What science says about the risks of energy drinks

Zika virus hit earlier than thought in Brazil, Florida, genome tests reveal

A new job turned my beautiful wife 'psychotic and delusional'

Century-old drug may help children with autism symptoms: study

Are Daddy's Little Girls Treated Better Than Little Boys?

Children get more sleep when parents are strict about bedtime

Parents urged to limit fruit juice for kids

Last surviving Dionne quintuplets hope to preserve childhood home

Chocolate consumption may lower heart disease risk

A drink a day linked to higher breast cancer risk, study shows

Netanyahu undergoes bladder stone removal

'Hope in a bottle': Why diet supplements billed as natural may not always be safe

Ontario to help kids whose medical treatment is affected by U.S. travel ban

Brain in 'overdrive': Scientists crack why eating sounds can make people angry

Insomnia could triple the risk of developing asthma: study

To save lives, WHO wants global focus on catching cancer early

The silent killer: How carbon monoxide creeps into your home

Laundry detergent pods linked to more burns of kids' eyes

Skipping breakfast and late-night eating could increase heart disease risk

Concussion symptoms three times higher in players who 'head' ball

Tall tale: gene variants can add 2cm to your height

Donald Trump's travel ban may send Syrian doctor to Canada

'Brute determination': Syrian refugee mom started labor in refugee camp in ordan, gives birth hours after reaching new home in Canada

Want to lose weight? Don't bother with these 5 exercises

Low social rank is a bigger health risk than obesity: study

Doctor hits the road to deliver palliative care to Toronto's homeless

'Speed gene' linked to muscular dystrophy: study

Substance in crude oil found harmful to fish hearts, human health

Nature and Science

Mars Opportunity rover has image of unidentified metallic object, puts internet in a frenzy

How the world's first accountants counted on cuneiform

One of Africa's best kept secrets - its history

Mexico bans gillnet fishing in endangered porpoise's habitat

Why an asteroid (probably) won't wipe us out

Driving a car made from biodegradable materials

The rock that records how we all got here

'Very strong' climate change signal in record June heat

Large-scale study 'shows neonic pesticides harm bees'

How I saved big cats by introducing 'magic dogs'

Tower of human skulls found in Mexico City dig casts light on Aztec sacrifices

Climate change creating new ice-free areas in Antarctica, biodiversity at risk: scientists

Secrets of prehistoric Avebury Circle revealed almost 80 years after research began

This 400-year-old Jewish library survived Hitler and the Inquisition

The race to revive woolly mammoths using ancient DNA

Ruffling feathers: Feisty crow assaults mail carrier, prompting mail hiatus

Rising right whale death toll could be 'catastrophic': marine biologist

For farmers today, grass is 'greener' than rice and pulses

Panda mania hits Germany as Meng Meng, Jiao Qing arrive

Bears, their hair and their fishy fare: Study gives new insight into grizzlies' salmon diets

Future Energy: China leads world in solar power production

Has China developed the world's most powerful submarine detector?

Astronomer who built advanced telescopes has died

Solar eclipse in August raising worries about Ontario's power grid

Live Asian carp discovered near Lake Michigan

Crack in Antarctic ice shelf ready to produce 5,000-square-kilometre iceberg

Meet the world's most powerful computer

These animals' ability to control light renders them almost invisible

Full thrust on Europe's new Ariane 6 rocket

Watched chimps change their hunting habits

Hundreds of English rivers drained below sustainable levels despite looming drought crisis

Europe selects grand gravity mission

Carnivores beware: Meat-allergy-causing Lone Star ticks creeping north

U.S. officials to lift Yellowstone grizzly bear protections

'They were not very happy,' says man who helped remove nearly 100,000 bees from Ontario home

Solar shares shine after Trump talks up 'solar wall'

Koalas 'facing extinction' in some Australian states

Full thrust on Europe's new Ariane 6 rocket

Whale body size warning for species collapses

Coffee under threat - Will it taste worse as the planet warms?

Scientists say they have worked out why eggs are shaped like eggs

Three panda cubs born in NW China's Shaanxi Province

Pulsed volcanic eruptions triggered dawn of dinosaurs: study

Tiny fossils expand amphibious timeline by 15 million years

How Isro is safeguarding India’s space assets in orbit

How cats conquered the ancient world

Why some airplanes don't fly in high heat

Australian scientists went looking for deep sea creatures and pulled up your nightmares instead

First-ever tyrannosaur skull found in B.C.

EU unveils plans to regulate drones by 2019

Atlantic salmon decline getting worse, conservationists say

Millions of tropical sea creatures 'blooming' off B.C. coast

'Hack-proof' quantum Internet networks closer to reality, studies say

Canada 'toonie' coin glows in the dark

The man who makes you see the invisible

50/50 chance machines could beat humans at 'every task' in 45 years: study

NASA telescope finds 10 more planets that could have life

Wildlife tally says mosquitoes and blackflies are not among species at risk

China's gaming rush

Delve into the Milky Way in this 3.3 gigapixel image of clouds of gas and dust

China's quantum satellite in big leap

Juncker rejects US climate deal re-negotiation

Rare two-headed sea creature caught by Dutch fishermen trawling off the Hook of Holland

Lake Ontario levels unleash a flood of cross-border bickering

Swimming robot to study damage at Japan's Fukushima nuclear plant

Scientists 'extremely surprised' after flatworm grows 2nd head in space

Scientists make plastic from carbon dioxide and sugar

Changes to Canadian Oceans Act to help protect one-tenth of marine areas by 2020

Mountains shrouded in clouds in central China's Zhangjiajie

Magma temperatures may help forecast volcanic eruptions

China faces tough battle against desertification after early success

As Trump promises a return to coal, worldwide demand plummets

TSB to release report into deadly capsizing of whale-watching ship

Toronto teen wins $10,000 Google prize with optimistic doodle

U.S. Coast guard shipwreck discovered on 100th anniversary of its sinking

Chiropractor on holiday discovers B.C.'s first dinosaur skull

Behind Apple's magical future, a vision built on borrowed ideas

Dams could 'permanently damage Amazon'

Dogs and wolves share sense of fair play

New Zealand's 'eighth wonder of the world' may have been rediscovered 131 years after a volcano buried it

Puppy that failed police college lands swanky new careers

'An unwise idea': Professor critical of plan to haul icebergs to Dubai

Pollution, climate change among risks to waterways: World Wildlife Fund

Hazardous conditions caused by climate change put Arctic research study on ice

New protection for endangered West Coast whales cancelled by U.S.

U.S. refuses to join G7 pledge on Paris climate agreement

Who killed Oetzi the Iceman? Italy reopens coldest of cases

These trees always lean toward the equator

Stunning Underwater Photos Explore the Secret Life of Plankton

U.S. protests as 193 nations urge action to protect oceans

Drones likely to transform, not replace, jobs: tech expert

Canadian experts weigh in on what Trump's climate moves mean here

Mother bear cuts off Dracula's Poenari Castle in Romania

News and sports websites 'vulnerable to attack'

Dogs and wolves share sense of fair play

China's manned submersible Jiaolong completes 150th dive

Ancient Aztec temple, ball court discovered in Mexico City

Scientists identify most complete hatchling preserved in Burmese amber

Bald eagle chooses to adopt - not eat - baby hawk

Second ingredient for life found in young star system

Trump's decision to pull out of climate deal could accelerate damage to his properties

Europe seeks quick access to user data

Study casts doubt on the idea of 'big fluffy T. rex

Asian nations make plastic oceans promise

Planet is 'hotter than most stars'

This summer, go on a hike with friends, even if they're not actually with you

Sydney weather: City's wettest day in four months with more rain forecast

Elephants receive medical care at rescue centre in China

38.5 million fish released into Xiangjiang River in China

SpaceX Dragon carrying Chinese experiment arrives at space station

New undersea communications cable about to reach Spain

Acidified ocean water found widespread along U.S. West Coast

Canada tornado: Alberta lawn-mowing man defies twister

Small, cheetah-like African cat on the loose in Ontario town: police

Poachers kill two former circus lions

Massive iceberg set to break off from Antarctic ice shelf

Russian space capsule with 2 cosmonauts returns to Earth

All-electric ferry to navigate Norway fjords