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Bible Quiz 20141117
Topic: John The Baptist

The answers to the Bible Quiz questions are located at the bottom section of this page, below the Quiz. The answers include links to detailed Bible studies with many illustrations and detailed Bible maps.

1. From which Israelite tribe was John the Baptist descended?

(a) Judah

(b) Benjamin

(c) Levi

(d) Mordecai

2. What was the name of John's father (KJV)?

(a) Zacharias

(b) Michael

(c) Simeon

(d) Zebulun

3. What was the name of John's mother (KJV)?

(a) Elisabeth

(b) Miriam

(c) Martha

(d) Sarah

4. What was John's father doing when the angel told him that he was going to have a son named John who would be a great prophet?

(a) Plowing his fields

(b) Fishing

(c) Serving in the Temple

(d) Serving in the Army

5. What was the name of the angel that announced the coming births of John the Baptist and the Messiah?

(a) Michael

(b) Gabriel

(c) Elijah

(d) Jonathan

6. Where did John the Baptist baptize Jesus Christ?

(a) In the Sea of Galilee

(b) In the Jordan River

(c) In the Nile River

(d) In the Mediterranean Sea

7. How did Jesus Christ describe John the Baptist?

(a) An Apostle

(b) A Disciple

(c) A Prophet

(d) A Pharisee

8. Who had John the Baptist arrested?

(a) Herod Antipas

(b) Pontius Pilate

(c) Saul the Pharisee

(d) Ananias the High Priest

9. Where was John when he sent his last message to Jesus?

(a) In the Temple

(b) At the Jordan River

(c) In Herod's prison

(d) In Galilee

10. How did John the Baptist die?

(a) He was beheaded in prison

(b) He drowned in a storm at sea

(c) He died of old age

(d) He died fighting lions in the Roman arena

Answers to this Bible Quiz

1. (c) John the Baptist was of the tribe of Levi.

Related Bible Study: The Levites Of Christ

2. (a) Zacharias was the father of John the Baptist.

Related Bible Study: The Prophets: John The Baptist

3. (a) Elisabeth was the mother of John the Baptist.

Related Bible Study: The Mothers Of The Two Greatest Prophets

4. (c) John's father was serving in the Temple.

Related Bible Study: What Did John The Baptist's Father Do At The Temple?

5. (b) The angel Gabriel announced the coming births of John and Jesus.

Related Bible Study: What Did Gabriel Say?

6. (b) John baptized Jesus in the Jordan River.

Related Bible Study: Joshua: Crossing The Jordan

7. (c) Jesus described John as a Prophet.

Related Bible Study: The Messiah and His Prophet

8. (a) Herod Antipas had John the Baptist arrested.

Related Bible Study: The Herods

9. (c) John was in Herod's prison when he sent his last message to Jesus.

Related Bible Study: How Did The Messiah's Ministry Begin?

10. (a) John was beheaded in prison.

Related Bible Study: Ahead Of The Prophet

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