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Bible Quiz 20141119
Topic: Paul's Conversion

The answers to the Bible Quiz questions are located at the bottom section of this page, below the Quiz. The answers include links to detailed Bible studies with many illustrations and detailed Bible maps.

1. What was Paul's name before his conversion?

(a) Mordecai

(b) Levi

(c) Matthew

(d) Saul

2. Before his conversion, Paul participated in the martyrdom of Stephen. How was Stephen killed?

(a) Beheaded

(b) Stoned

(c) Hung

(d) Crucified

3. Where was Paul going when the LORD struck him down on the road?

(a) Jerusalem

(b) Nazareth

(c) Damascus

(d) Rome

4. What affliction did the LORD give Paul when he was struck down?

(a) Leprosy

(b) Blindness

(c) Paralysis

(d) Deafness

5. Where was Paul taken and healed after he was struck down?

(a) A house in Damascus

(b) A house in Jerusalem

(c) The Temple in Jerusalem

(d) A tent in the desert

6. Who did the LORD send for the healing of Paul?

(a) Peter

(b) Ananias

(c) Caiaphas

(d) Luke

7. When Paul returned to Jerusalem, who took him to the apostles?

(a) Peter

(b) James

(c) Barnabas

(d) Matthew

8. What was Paul before his conversion?

(a) A fisherman

(b) A Pharisee

(c) A tax collector

(d) A Roman soldier

9. Paul was from Tarsus. What country?

(a) Syria

(b) Israel

(c) Greece

(d) Turkey

10. Where did Paul go on his first major missionary journey?

(a) Cyprus and Turkey

(b) Israel and Syria

(c) Turkey and Greece

(d) Malta and Italy

Answers to this Bible Quiz

1. (d) Paul was known as Saul before his conversion (Acts 9:1).

Related Bible Study: Saul The Benjamite, Paul The Christian Jew

2. (b) Stephen was stoned.

Related Bible Study: The Stoning Of Stephen

3. (c) Paul was on the road to Damascus when the LORD struck him down.

Related Bible Study: When Did Paul First Meet Jesus?

4. (b) Paul was afflicted with blindness.

Related Bible Study: Paul's Blindness Lesson

5. (a) Paul was taken to a house in Damascus (Acts 9:11)

Related Bible Study: Straight Street

6. (b) Ananias was sent for the healing of Paul (Acts 9:15).

Related Bible Study: Ananias The Disciple

7. (c) Barnabas took Paul to the apostles.

Related Bible Study: The Meeting Of Paul And Barnabas

8. (b) Paul was a Pharisee.

Related Bible Study: The Passed Over Pharisees

9. (d) Paul was from Tarsus in Turkey.

Related Bible Study: Paul Of Turkey

10. (a) Paul went to Cyprus and Turkey on his first major missionary journey.

Related Bible Study: The Ministry Of Paul And Barnabas

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