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Bible Quiz 20141212
Topic: Samson and Delilah

The answers to the Bible Quiz questions are located at the bottom section of this page, below the Quiz. The answers include links to detailed Bible studies with many illustrations and detailed Bible maps.

1. What was the name of Samson's home town?

(a) Jerusalem

(b) Gaza

(c) Hebron

(d) Zorah

2. Of which Israelite tribe was Samson?

(a) Levi

(b) Judah

(c) Manasseh

(d) Dan

3. What did the mothers of Samson and John the Baptist have in common?

(a) They were both of the tribe of Levi

(b) They were both married to Jews

(c) They were both miraculously-enabled to have children - Samson and John

(d) The were both from Ruth's hometown in Moab

4. Why did Samson have uncut hair?

(a) He lived in the wilderness where everyone had long hair

(b) It was an Israelite custom of the time

(c) The Roman invasion forces didn't allow Israelites to own sharp razors

(d) He was a Nazarite whereby "no razor shall come on his head"

5. What did the angel do after he prophesied Samson's birth to Samson's father?

(a) He flew up into heaven in a flaming altar

(b) He went down and destroyed Sodom

(c) He appeared to the king of Israel

(d) He instantly disappeared

6. Who was Samson's first wife?

(a) Delilah

(b) A Philistine woman from Timnath

(c) A nice Jewish girl from Jerusalem

(d) A young widow from Egypt

7. What did Samson's riddle involve?

(a) Honey and a lion

(b) Milk and a bear

(c) Coins and a raven

(d) Water and a fire

8. Where was Delilah living when Samson first met her?

(a) Timnath

(b) Gaza

(c) Zorah

(d) In the valley of Sorek

9. Why did Samson lose his miraculous strength when his Nazarite hair was cut?

(a) He no longer looked fearsome

(b) The hair made him strong because it was itself miraculous

(c) His hair was a sign to his enemies

(d) The Holy Spirit left him

10. Where did Samson die in his last battle with the Philistines?

(a) Gaza

(b) Timnath

(c) At Delilah's house

(d) Zorah

Answers to this Bible Quiz

Samson and Delilah
1. (d) Zorah was Samson's home town (Judges 13:2)

Related Bible Study: The Israel Lottery and Dan's Galilee Panhandle

2. (d) Samson was of the Israelite tribe of Dan (Judges 13:2)

Related Bible Study: A Biography Of Jacob: The Jacobites Of Syria and Dan

3. (c) They were both miraculously-enabled to have children - Samson and John (Judges 13:2-3, Luke 1:7,13)

Related Bible Study: The First Mother and Brides From Their Sides

4. (d) He was a Nazarite whereby "no razor shall come on his head" (Judges 13:3-5)

Related Bible Study: Should Every Mother Be A Nazarite?

5. (a) He flew up into heaven in a flaming altar (Judges 13:20)

Related Bible Study: Did Elisha Have Chariots of Fire Too? and Locusts In History And Prophecy

6. (b) Samson's first wife was a Philistine woman from Timnath (Judges 14:1)

Related Bible Study: Timnath and Where Is Palestine?

7. (a) Samson's riddle involved honey and a lion (Judges 14:9-20)

Related Bible Study: Samson's Riddle

8. (d) Delilah was in the valley of Sorek (Judges 16:4)

Related Bible Study: Delilah: Why The Fatal Attraction?

9. (d) The Holy Spirit left him when his Nazarite vow hair was cut (Judges 16:20)

Related Bible Study: Filled With The Spirit Of God and Walking In The Same Spirit

10. (a) Gaza (Judges 16:21-30)

Related Bible Study: Gaza In History And Prophecy

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