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Bible Quiz 20150110
Topic: The Exodus

The answers to the Bible Quiz questions are located at the bottom section of this page, below the Quiz. The answers include links to detailed Bible studies with many illustrations and detailed Bible maps.

1. The Pharaoh at the time that the Israelites immigrated to Egypt welcomed them. Why did the Pharaoh of the Exodus, 400 years later, want to kill the Israelites?

(a) He was unaware of how the Israelites came to Egypt in the time of Joseph

(b) He was afraid of the Israelites because they had grown into a multitude

(c) He was afraid that the Israelites would join with Egypt's enemies if a war broke out

(d) All of the above

2. How did the Exodus Pharaoh first attempt to control the Israelites?

(a) He had their male infants thrown into the Nile River

(b) He ordered the midwives to kill newborn male Israelites

(c) He took away their property and made them into slaves

(d) All of the above

3. Who put Moses in the river?

(a) His mother and sister

(b) An Egyptian midwife

(c) An Israelite midwife

(d) Egyptian homeland security agents

4. Why wasn't Moses' brother Aaron put into the river with Moses?

(a) Aaron wasn't born yet

(b) Aaron was kept better hidden

(c) Aaron was adopted by Egyptians

(d) Aaron was two years older than Moses; the river decree applied only to infants

5. Who saved Moses out of the river and adopted him as her own son?

(a) The Pharaoh's mother

(b) The Pharaoh's wife

(c) The Pharaoh's sister

(d) The Pharaoh's daughter

6. Why did Moses go into the Sinai and live there until the LORD sent him back for the Exodus?

(a) He wanted to be a shepherd

(b) He wanted to explore that part of Arabia

(c) He fell in love with an Arab woman

(d) He killed an Egyptian who was murdering an Israelite

7. What was the first plague upon the Pharaoh who refused to let the Israelites go?

(a) Darkness

(b) Frogs

(c) Plague upon cattle

(d) Waters turned to blood

8. Where did the Israelites live in Egypt - from the time that they entered Egypt, until the Exodus 400 years later?

(a) Goshen, in the Nile Delta

(b) The southern area near the border of Ethiopia

(c) The western area near the border of Libya

(d) The Bible doesn't say

9. What member of the Pharaoh's family died during the night of the Exodus?

(a) His wife

(b) His daughter

(c) His father

(d) His firstborn son

10. Where is Mount Sinai located?

(a) In modern-day Saudi Arabia

(b) In Egypt

(c) In the Sinai Peninsula of Arabia

(d) The Bible doesn't say

Answers to this Bible Quiz

1. (d) All of the above (Exodus 1:8-10)

Related Bible Study: A Biography Of Jacob: Israel In Egypt and I Will There Make Of Thee A Great Nation

2. (c) He took away their property and made them into slaves (Exodus 1:11-12)

Related Bible Study: How Long Were They Slaves?

3. (a) His mother and sister (Exodus 2:1-4)

Related Bible Study: The Drawing Of Moses


4. (d) Aaron was two years older than Moses; the river decree applied only to infants.

Related Bible Study: The Meeting Of Moses And Aaron

5. (d) The Pharaoh's daughter (Exodus 2:5-10)

Related Bible Study: The Israelites Of The Pharaoh's Palace

6. (d) He killed an Egyptian who was murdering an Israelite (Exodus 2:11-15)

Related Bible Study: Moses Of Midian and The Sign Of The Flaming Bush

7. (d) Waters turned to blood (Exodus 7:14-24)

Related Bible Study: The Waters Turned To Blood

8. (a) Goshen, in the Nile Delta (Genesis 47:1, Exodus 8:22)

Related Bible Study: Jacob's Israel In The Land Of Goshen

9. (d) His firstborn son (Exodus 12:29)

Related Bible Study: The First Passover and The Passover Moon At Midnight

10. (c) In the Sinai Peninsula of Arabia (see the map above).

Related Bible Study: Paul's Geography Lesson

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