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Bible Quiz 20150208
Topic: The Birth of Jesus Christ

The answers to the Bible Quiz questions are located at the bottom section of this page, below the Quiz. The answers include links to detailed Bible studies with many illustrations and detailed Bible maps.

1. Where was Jesus Christ conceived?

(a) Jerusalem

(b) Bethlehem

(c) Nazareth

(d) Egypt

2. When was John the Baptist born?

(a) About 6 months before Jesus Christ

(b) About 6 months after Jesus Christ

(c) About 2 years and 3 months before Jesus Christ

(d) The Bible doesn't say

3. Who was the Roman Emperor who ruled Judea at the time of the birth of Jesus Christ?

(a) Julius

(b) Nero

(c) Augustus

(d) Tiberius

4. What caused Joseph and Mary to journey to Bethlehem, during which Jesus Christ was born?

(a) The observance of Passover

(b) The observance of the Feast of Tabernacles

(c) A Roman census that required everyone to register in their home town

(d) It happened by chance during a family visit

5. Who were the first human witnesses of the birth of Jesus Christ, apart from His parents?

(a) Wise Men from the east

(b) Bethlehem shepherds

(c) Wise Men from the east and Bethlehem shepherds together

(d) Levite priests

6. The shepherds saw the newborn Jesus Christ in a manger. Where was He when the Wise Men from the east saw Him?

(a) In a manger in Bethlehem

(b) In a house in Bethlehem

(c) At the Temple in Jerusalem

(d) In a house in Nazareth

7. Who was the Roman king of Judea who attempted to have Jesus Christ murdered as an infant?

(a) Nero

(b) Pontius Pilate

(c) Herod the Great

(d) Caesar Augustus

8. Where did Joseph and Mary take the infant Jesus to keep Him from being killed?

(a) Egypt

(b) Nazareth

(c) Lebanon

(d) Jerusalem

9. Where did Joseph, Mary and Jesus go to live after they returned from Egypt?

(a) Hebron

(b) Bethlehem

(c) Jerusalem

(d) Nazareth

10. What were the names of the prophets who recognized the Messiah when He was brought to the Temple as an infant?

(a) Simeon and Anna

(b) Ezra and Nehemiah

(c) Daniel and Jeremiah

(d) Saul and Timothy

Answers to this Bible Quiz

The Visitation
1. (c) Nazareth (Luke 1:26-38)

Related Bible Study: What Does The Bible Really Say About Mary?

2. (a) About 6 months before Jesus Christ (Luke 1:26,36,39-42)

Related Bible Study: The Mothers Of The Two Greatest Prophets

3. (c) Augustus (Luke 2:1)

Related Bible Study: A History Of Jerusalem: Pompey And The Caesars

4. (c) A Roman census that required everyone to register in their home town (Luke 2:1-3)

Related Bible Study: Does Rome Have Christ's Birth Certificate? and Joseph Of Nazareth

5. (b) Bethlehem shepherds (Luke 2:8-20)

Related Bible Study: The Bethlehem Shepherds Prophecy

6. (b) In a house in Bethlehem (Matthew 2:8-11)

Related Bible Study: Why Did The Magi Come? and What Are Gentiles Doing In Israel?

7. (c) Herod the Great (Matthew 2:16-18)

Related Bible Study: Israel In History and Prophecy: Herod and The Rachel Prophecies

8. (a) Egypt (Matthew 2:13)

Related Bible Study: The Flight Into Egypt

9. (d) Nazareth (Matthew 2:22-23)

Related Bible Study: The Kinsfolk Of Jesus Of Nazareth

10. (a) Simeon and Anna (Luke 2:25-38)

Related Bible Study: The Messiah's Levitical Birth

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