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Today's Bible Quiz

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Bible Quiz 20150210
Topic: Which Book Of The Bible Has It?

The answers to the Bible Quiz questions are located at the bottom section of this page, below the Quiz. The answers include links to detailed Bible studies with many illustrations and detailed Bible maps.

1. Which Book of the Bible has the LORD's change of Jacob's name to Israel?

(a) Genesis

(b) Exodus

(c) Leviticus

(d) Kings

2. Which Book of the Bible has the birth of Moses?

(a) Genesis

(b) Exodus

(c) Judges

(d) Hebrews

3. Which Book of the Bible has a repetition of The Ten Commandments, to the children and grandchildren of the Exodus generation, forty years after the Exodus?

(a) Exodus

(b) Numbers

(c) Chronicles

(d) Deuteronomy

4. Which Book of the Bible has the Israelites crossing the Jordan River into the promised land?

(a) Exodus

(b) Numbers

(c) Joshua

(d) Judges

5. Which Book of the Bible has Samson and Delilah?

(a) Genesis

(b) Exodus

(c) Joshua

(d) Judges

6. Which Book of the Bible has the battle of David and Goliath?

(a) Judges

(b) 1 Samuel

(c) 1 Chronicles

(d) 1 Kings

7. Which Books of the Bible have the ascension of Jesus Christ into heaven?

(a) Luke and Acts

(b) Matthew and John

(c) Matthew, Mark, Luke and John

(d) Mark and Luke

8. Which Book of the Bible has Paul's shipwreck on Malta?

(a) John

(b) Luke

(c) Acts

(d) Romans

9. Which Book of the Bible has Diotrephes, who lusted to be a "leader" i.e. "I wrote unto the church: but Diotrephes, who loveth to have the preeminence among them, receiveth us not"?

(a) James

(b) 2 Peter

(c) 2 Corinthians

(d) 3 John

10. Which Book of the Bible has the New Jerusalem coming to Earth?

(a) John

(b) Acts

(c) Romans

(d) Revelation

Answers to this Bible Quiz

1. (a) Genesis (Genesis 32:28)

Related Bible Study: A Biography Of Jacob: When Jacob Became Israel and The Origin Of Israelites And Jews; also Three Tribes and Three Meanings

2. (b) Exodus (Exodus 2:1-10)

Related Bible Study: Israel In History and Prophecy: Moses and The Israelites Of The Pharaoh's Palace

3. (d) Deuteronomy (Deuteronomy 1:3, 5:6-21)

Related Bible Study: Why A Book Of Deuteronomy In The Bible?

4. (c) Joshua (Joshua 3:1-17)

Related Bible Study: Joshua: Crossing The Jordan and From Moses And Aaron To Joshua and Eleazar

5. (d) Judges (Judges 16:1-31)

Related Bible Study: Samson and Delilah

6. (b) 1 Samuel (1 Samuel 17:1-58)

Related Bible Study: The Battle Of David And Goliath

7. (a) Luke and Acts (Luke 24:50-51, Acts 1:9)

Related Bible Study: Luke: The World Of The LORD and Acts: Luke's Second Letter To Theophilus; also What Happened When The Messiah Arrived In Heaven? and Are There Really Harps And Clouds In Heaven?

8. (c) Acts (Acts 27:1-44, 2:1)

Related Bible Study: Paul's Bay and What Did Jesus Christ Send Jonah And Paul To Do?

9. (d) 3 John (3 John 1:9)

Related Bible Study: 3 John: Follow Not That Which Is Evil, But That Which Is Good

10. (d) Revelation (Revelation 21:1-4)

Related Bible Study: Revelation: Thy Kingdom Come and The Church: Mission Accomplished

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