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Bible Quiz 20150307
Topic: King Solomon

The answers to the Bible Quiz questions are located at the bottom section of this page, below the Quiz. The answers include links to detailed Bible studies with many illustrations and detailed Bible maps. These Bible Quizzes are provided as a learning opportunities.

1. Who was King Solomon's father?

(a) Uriah the Hittite

(b) King David

(c) Nathan the prophet

(d) King Saul

2. Who was King Solomon's mother?

(a) Abigail

(b) Merab

(c) Ahinoam

(d) Bathsheba

3. Which one of Solomon's brothers tried to seize the throne from Solomon?

(a) Adonijah

(b) Judah

(c) Levi

(d) Benjamin

4. When Solomon became king, what did he ask the LORD to give him?

(a) Wealth

(b) Military power

(c) Many wives

(d) Wisdom

5. What did Solomon build?

(a) The Fortress of Zion

(b) The Tabernacle

(c) The Temple

(d) Herod's Palace

6. What was the name of the King of Tyre who supplied Solomon with cedar?

(a) Alexander

(b) Pompey

(c) Hiram

(d) Antiochus

7. What Queen visited Solomon to hear his wisdom?

(a) The Queen of Persia

(b) The Queen of Heaven

(c) The Queen of Sheba

(d) The Queen of Egypt

8. What caused Solomon's corruption?

(a) Idolatry

(b) A love of war

(c) Alcoholism

(d) Answer

9. What did the LORD do to punish Solomon for his corruption?

(a) Solomon was removed as king

(b) The Assyrians invaded Israel

(c) The Babylonians invaded Israel

(d) Israel was divided into "Israel" and "Judah"

10. Which of Solomon's sons succeeded him as king?

(a) Jeroboam

(b) Rehoboam

(c) Adonijah

(d) Absalom

Answers to this Bible Quiz

The Coronation of Solomon
1. (b) King David (2 Samuel 12:24)

Related Bible Study: Israel In History and Prophecy: King David and David's Psalm For Solomon

2. (d) Bathsheba (2 Samuel 12:24)

Related Bible Study: David And Bathsheba and The Wives Of King David

3. (a) Adonijah (1 Kings 1:11-13)

Related Bible Study: The Day Of Three Kings and Abishag and Adonijah

4. (d) Wisdom (1 Kings 3:5-15)

Related Bible Study: Solomon's Gift Of Wisdom and When The Love Of Wisdom Becomes Love Of Self

5. (c) The Temple (1 Kings 6:1-38)

Related Bible Study: The Temple That Solomon Built and The Arrival Of The Ark In The Temple

6. (c) Hiram (1 Kings 5:1,10)

Related Bible Study: King Hiram of Tyre and Into The Coasts Of Tyre And Sidon

7. (c) The Queen of Sheba (1 Kings 10:1-13)

Related Bible Study: What Did Jesus Christ Say About The Queen Of Sheba?

8. (a) Idolatry (1 Kings 11:7-9)

Related Bible Study: What Caused Solomon's Idolatry? and The History Of Idolatry

9. (d) Israel was divided into "Israel" and "Judah" (1 Kings 11:9-13)

Related Bible Study: Israel In History and Prophecy: Israel and Judah

10. (b) Rehoboam (1 Kings 11:41-43)

Related Bible Study: Rehoboam's Scorpions and Rehoboam's House of Judah and Benjamin

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