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Bible Quiz 20150606
Topic: Psalms

The answers to the Bible Quiz questions are located at the bottom section of this page, below the Quiz. The answers include links to detailed Bible studies with many illustrations and detailed Bible maps. These Bible Quizzes are provided as a learning opportunities.

1. Who wrote most of the Psalms?

(a) King Solomon

(b) King David

(c) The prophet Samuel

(d) Abraham

2. What is unique about the Psalms? What does "Psalm" mean?

(a) They were written by a king

(b) They were written to be read or sung with music

(c) They were written by Levites

(d) They were intended to be read in silence

3. What was written in the Psalms?

(a) Prayers

(b) Prophecies

(c) History

(d) All of the above

4. Did King David write about Jesus Christ in the Psalms?

(a) Yes

(b) No

5. Which Psalm has the famous "the LORD is my Shepherd" verse?

(a) Psalm 1

(b) Psalm 23

(c) Psalm 41

(d) Psalm 71

6. Did David write of the resurrection in the Psalms?

(a) Yes

(b) No

7. Did David write any of the Psalms during the Civil War?

(a) Yes

(b) No

8. Did David ever write of the future "New Song of the Messiah"?

(a) Yes

(b) No

9. What does "iniquity" mean in the Bible?

(a) When what is evil in the eyes of God becomes "right" in the eyes of most people

(b) Anti-Christ "churches" claiming to be Christian

(c) Rampant sexual immorality and perversion

(d) All of the above

10. Did Moses ever write a Psalm in his time that is recorded in the Bible?

(a) Yes

(b) No

Answers to this Bible Quiz

1. (b) King David

Related Bible Study: Psalm 4: David's Prayer and Psalm 5: The Morning Blessing

2. (b) They were written to be read or sung with music

Related Bible Study: Psalm 39: Jeduthun's Music and Psalm 33: Singing In History And Prophecy

3. (d) All of the above

Related Bible Study: Psalm 55: When Does God Listen To Prayer?, Psalm 76: Salem In History And Prophecy and Psalm 48: King David's Zion Prophecy

4. (a) Yes

Related Bible Study: Psalm 22: David's View From The Cross and Psalm 2: The Messiah's Rod Of Iron

5. (b) Psalm 23

Related Bible Study: Psalm 23: The LORD Is My Shepherd

6. (a) Yes

Related Bible Study: Psalm 30: David's Resurrection Prophecy and Psalm 10: The Righteous Don't Fear The Reaper

7. (a) Yes

Related Bible Study: Psalm 18: The Lesson Of Saul

8. (a) Yes

Related Bible Study: Psalm 40: The New Song Of The Messiah

9. (d) All of the above

Related Bible Study: Psalm 130: Iniquity In History And Prophecy

10. (a) Yes

Related Bible Study: Psalm 90: The Baptism Psalms Of Moses

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